EDF Climate Corps Fellow - Summer 2014

Duration: 10-12 weeks 
Training: 4 days in Mid-May 2014; attendance is mandatory 
Compensation: $1,250/week for up to 10-12 weeks + travel to Training and Fall Network Event 
Hours: Full-time; exact work schedule depends on host organization

Deadline to apply: January 9, 2014 5pm PT 

About EDF Climate Corps 
EDF Climate Corps (www.edfclimatecorps.org) places top-tier graduate students within organizations as dedicated energy problem solvers. Working directly with staff from operations, finance and sustainability departments, EDF Climate Corps fellows spend 10 weeks as organizational change agents for energy management.

Participating host organizations are at different points along the path of developing an overall greenhouse gas and energy management strategy. Depending on the host’s needs and opportunities, EDF Climate Corps fellowships can focus on a wide range of projects, from developing specific energy investment recommendations, to broader strategy on setting or meeting environmental goals, to employee engagement. 

EDF Climate Corps is a one-of-a-kind fellowship that will give you invaluable on-the-ground experience in driving environmentally-focused initiatives from within an organization. In addition, EDF Climate Corps allows fellows to grow their network of sustainability professionals exponentially with established relationships with 100+ other fellows, 6 years of EDF Climate Corps alumni, EDF experts and contacts at host organizations to help you throughout your career. 

Since 2008, EDF Climate Corps has placed nearly 400 fellows who have uncovered efficiencies that could save over $1.2 billion in net operating costs and cut the annual energy use of 150,000 homes. 

See the full list of past EDF Climate Corps hosts, including organizations such as Google, Adidas, General Motors, Smithsonian Institution, City of Los Angeles, Chicago Public Schools and over 250 other companies and public institutions at www.edfclimatecorps.org

Selected duties may include: 
• Developing a baseline of the organization’s existing energy usage through gathering detailed data on current energy consumption, interviews with key employees and outside vendors and professional energy audits. 
• Identifying, analyzing and prioritizing energy efficiency and energy management opportunities. 
• Modeling the financial and environmental impact, cost savings and performance enhancements of energy efficiency investments in various building systems (e.g. lighting, office equipment, HVAC, data centers, etc.). 
• Presenting the business case for energy efficiency investments to senior management and aligning with the organization’s broader values, priorities and objectives. 
• Advising on overall greenhouse gas management and sustainability strategies, including how to implement new initiatives and technologies and educate, engage and drive behavioral and operational change amongst building occupants. 
•Creating models or tools to help energy efficiency-related decision making or benchmarking. 

Learn more at www.edfclimatecorps.org

Minimum qualifications 
• Superior oral and written communication skills, including presentation skills 
• Self-starter with strong project management experience 
• Experience or graduate-level knowledge of financial analysis and/or project valuation. 
• Resourcefulness and ability to work both independently and collaboratively on cross-functional teams 
• Eligibility to work in the United States during the summer 2014 

Preferred qualifications 
• Currently pursuing or recently completed graduate degree 
• Consulting, corporate advisory or large company experience 
• Engineering or other technical background 
• Demonstrated experience working on energy efficiency, energy or sustainability projects or initiatives 
• Familiarity with climate change and energy issues and market-based approaches 
• Passion for the environment and sustainable solutions 

To Apply 
Please visit our website to submit your application:http://edfclimatecorps.force.com/login 

Various locations across the United States,
Environmental Defense Fund
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