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Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE)


The Office of Public Charter School Financing provides financing, technical assistance, and grants to improve the number and quality of public charter school seats, as well as support the dissemination of best practices and innovation between all DC public schools, both charter and traditional public schools.

The Director of Charter School Financing is a visionary senior-level executive charged with creating an environment in the District that supports the innovation and achievement at the cornerstone of the charter school movement. The Director will drive implementation of the Office’s mission to provide public school choice grounded in innovation, opportunity, and excellence. S/he will lead the effort to ensure that DC laws, regulations, policies, and practices reflect best practices nationally and foster an entrepreneurial environment that supports, sustains, and expands high-performing, results-oriented charter schools in Washington, DC.

The Director of Charter School Financing oversees all aspects of Public Charter School Financing and Support, including management of staff, oversight of funds, policy recommendations, and operations procedures. The Director of Charter School Financing will lead a team responsible for planning, designing, and administering federally funded educational programs with local education agencies in a cost efficient, timely, and compliant manner.

Strong candidates will have proven experience with and knowledge of charter school systems and policies; a solid understanding of the national education conversation; experience managing fiscal and human resources; experience coaching a staff to excellence and a commitment to continuous improvement; demonstrated success in managing grants, budgets, and contracts; strong problem-solving, critical thinking, analytic and multi-tasking skills; and the ability to liaise with stakeholders internal and external to OSSE.

This position is located in the Executive Office of the Mayor, Office of the State Superintendent of Education.


The Director of Charter School Financing will be responsible for the following prioritie

1. Leadership. The Director of Charter School Financing must create a vision for charter schools in the District based on the belief that all families have the right to choose the educational pathway for their children and that all children deserve access to high-quality public education. The Director holds responsibility for managing a multi-million dollar evolving fund, including setting priorities for charter school financing staff, aligning the expenditure of funds with Office priorities, and engaging internal and external stakeholder in the attainment of Office objectives and goals. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Design a mission-driven framework for charter schools in the District and ensure resources are aligned with the goals of spearheading innovation, expanding opportunity for all students, and driving an education system towards excellence.
  • Create and sustain a variety of high-quality public charter schools founded upon the principals of innovation and data-driven decision-making.
  • Serve as an expert on charter school policies providing recommendations, interpreting implications, and predicting political consequences.
  • Coordinate the planning, development, and administration of grants and contracts with federal, state, public and private agencies.
  • Maintain equity between charter school and public school assets, including land acquisition or facilities.

2. Project Management. The Director of Charter School Financing oversees the use of local and federal policies affecting charter schools including accountability, quality, and facilities acquisition. This includes implementation and management of a variety of fund types, including federal grants, federal appropriations, and local appropriations. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Understand and interpret complex regulations associated with financing and acquiring facilities in the District.
  • Oversee processes by which facility acquisition can contribute to the success of education and economic development in the District of Columbia, including co-location models, innovation in facilities planning, and implementation of such programs such as the City Build grant model.
  • Manage projects supported by grants and appropriated funds and approve all reporting on the program to the Mayor’s office, the US Department of Education and the United States Congress.
  • Develop operational plans, tracking obligations, projecting use of funds, and working with program staff in the agency to reconcile spending with funding guidelines.
  • Assure proper controls are in place to allow for permanency in public investment in long term education assets and to affect a balance between government intervention for financial interest and the independence of charter schools as organizations.
  • Develop, update, and maintain a broad database of funding sources that include objectives, past performance, record storage, and potential.
  • Monitor compliance with all policies, grant terms, procedures, and guidelines of the various federal and state agencies, and private and public corporations.

3. Communications and External Relations. The Director of Charter School Financing is the liaison for charter schools, parents, the Public Charter School Board, DC Public Schools, and community members with DC Government agencies on issues affecting charter schools. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Represent stakeholders with local agencies that affect the charter school facilities process, including the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the Department of Health, DC Public Schools, and the Office of Property Management.
  • Assist other key stakeholders in long term planning for appropriate educational growth in the District, including the rising trend toward charter school enrollment.
  • Liaise with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development to secure funding, financing options and tax incentives for charter schools and developers.
  • Advise the CSSO on key issues and the impact of policies related school choice, charter school quality and accountability, financing and support.
  • Serve as the primary liaison and staff support to the Mayoral-appointed Loan Committee in their role of approving credit enhancements and direct loans to charter schools.
  • Provide technical assistance to stakeholders in the implementation and evaluation of grants, contracts and designated projects.


The Director of Charter School Financing must be a leader with the following qualifications:

Mastery Knowledge

  • Mastery knowledge of charter school policies and comfort making recommendations, interpreting policy, and forecasting potential political implications.
  • Knowledge of appropriate state and federal government regulations that pertain to the management and control of government-funded projects granted to the District.
  • Mastery knowledge of education policy and core education issues such as academic achievement, school quality, accountability, alignment, school choice, and charter school history, including the School Reform Act of 1996.
  • Detailed knowledge of the school governance structure, charter school community, and education and facility-related issues affecting charter schools locally and nationwide.
  • Detailed knowledge of grant preparation and management, contract administration, compliance, auditing and computerized management information systems.

Professional Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree with strong academic preparation required, graduate degree preferred;
  • Prior experience working with/in charter schools, preferably those in Washington, DC;
  • Experience managing fiscal and human resources;
  • Comfort synthesizing and prioritizing data to solve problems and develop strategies to achieve ambitious goals;
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills and a strong comfort level in public forums;
  • Prior experience evaluating the effectiveness of support programs and implementing changes as required;
  • Ability to establish a team-building, facilitative rapport with peers, staff, school leaders, public and private sector businesses, students, parents and external stakeholders;
  • Strong problem-solving, critical thinking, analytic and multi-tasking skills;

Interpersonal Skills

  • Proactive approach to engaging others in dialogue and building strong working relationships;
  • Collaborative leader with outstanding communication skills;
  • Comfort operating in ambiguity;
  • Inspirational, ambitious, no-nonsense, likable, trustworthy, thick-skinned.


Please email a letter of interest and resume to: use OSSE Director of Charter School Financing as the subject line of the email.

OSSE is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or age in hiring, administration of admissions, programs, and scholarships.

How to apply

Please email a letter of interest and resume to: Please use OSSE Director of Charter School Financing as the subject line of the email.

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