Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Staff Development for Mathematics, BPE Schools Network

BPE is seeking a strategic and dynamic leader to serve as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Staff Development for Mathematics (DCISD-Math) for its proposed network of PreK-Grade 12 “teaching academy” schools in the Dudley community of Boston. Modeled after teaching hospitals, our teaching academies place aspiring teachers in classrooms with experienced colleagues to implement research-based practices, examine their impact on student learning, and refine instruction until every child is successful. The DCISD-Math provides leadership for the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and instructional practices within mathematics ; in accordance with state and national criteria that include rigorous content, pacing, and common assessments ; to ensure that all students meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The DCISD-Math serves as an expert curricular resource and instructional coach within the BPE network of schools. The DCISD-Math supports teachers and administrators in designing and delivering math instruction that is consistently ambitious and strengthens the ability of all students to engage in content as mathematical thinkers and problem-solvers. This position provides professional development and support to staff and administrators in the implementation of the CCSS, including training in instructional strategies that are effective with diverse learners. In addition, the DCISD-Math oversees the clinical training and development of novice teachers in the BPE network.

Key Competencies

  • Strong leadership skills and a deep commitment to improving the quality of public education in urban communities: The DCISD-Math will work with the school leadership team to implement an instructional guidance system for mathematics that meets the academic needs and accelerates the learning of all students.
  • Knowledge of research-based mathematics curriculum/curriculum development, instruction and assessment practices, especially relative to interventions with struggling and English language learners.
  • Strong accountability orientation: The DCISD-Math will be responsible for supporting the Principal in the design and implementation of an ambitious model for mathematics instruction that incorporates feedback and accountability practices to evaluate the effectiveness and coherence of curriculum, instructional practices, student interventions, and professional development.


  • Directs the design and implementation of a coherent PreK-5 mathematics curriculum that it is rigorous, culturally responsive, and reflects current research/theory in instruction, in alignment with BPE principles of student learning
  • Promotes a math curriculum and teaching practices that engage the learner in tasks that require analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity; that address each student’s needs, interests and skill levels; that encourage the student to define individual goals and accept responsibility for learning; and that provide a variety of methods for the student to demonstrate performance and achievement
  • Collaborates with the Director of Special Populations to design and implement innovative math programs that address the needs of students with identified learning challenges
  • Collaborates with building principals, observes classroom instruction to evaluate the implementation of math curriculum and instruction including content, materials, pedagogy, pace and standards, student performance and curricular effectiveness
  • Collects and analyzes performance data including, but not limited to, state and school-wide assessments regarding the achievement of students, work samples, and other pertinent information affecting the design and evaluation of curriculum and instructional practices.
  • Oversees the development of novice Boston Teacher Residents and their mentors through use of content-focused coaching methods that keep student understanding and achievement, instructional practices and content at the center of their work
  • Directs the annual review and revision of the PreK-5 mathematics curriculum and ensures alignment with the Common Core State Standards for mathematics
  • Promotes differentiated instruction in mathematics and the use of a variety of strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development
  • Works with school leadership teams to design professional learning that increases teachers’ knowledge of effective math skill development strategies and instruction.
  • Identifies staffing needs and assists with the recruitment and selection of outstanding, high-capacity instructional staff
  • Communicates frequently with principals, teachers, data teams, community agencies, and others to ensure coordination of math-related programs and services, including vertical and horizontal articulation of skills and content sequence
  • Reflects upon the needs of the mathematics program and students to organize and implement a system for the evaluation and selection of equipment, instructional materials, and assessment tools that are designed to meet the Common Core State Standards in mathematics.
  • Plans and provides professional development for principals, coaches, teachers, and support staff that is relevant to the CCSS for math, that is research-based, that builds the capacity of administrators and teachers to transform learning experiences in order to drive ambitious student achievement objectives
  • Ensures that the professional development program for mathematics is focused on how students learn, encompasses both content and pedagogical knowledge and skills, promotes collegial learning, and includes job-embedded opportunities for growth


  • Advanced degree in education and/or mathematics
  • Leadership experience with staff management including, but not limited to, the hiring, evaluation, and development of teaching faculty
  • Demonstrated passion for and commitment to the BPE-DSNCS mission and educational model
  • Minimum of 10 years professional experience, including 3 years in a leadership or management capacity
  • Demonstrated knowledge of research-based curriculum development, program implementation and evaluation, child growth and development PreK-5, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, and learning assessment and diagnosis
  • Experience in designing and leading mathematics professional development
  • Strong and tested ability to develop excellent teams and participate effectively on teams; a collaborative management style
  • Proven ability to prioritize, balance, and complete complex projects in the face of competing deadlines
  • Sense of humor!

How to apply

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Step 2: After you have completed the Employment Application, email your cover letter and resume to (subject field: DCISD-Math).

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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