Director of Caregiver Services

The Director of Caregiver is responsible for the development and implementation of Caregiver program. The Director of Caregiver is responsible to oversee day to day operations, supervise staff, volunteers and students, maintain all records/files, prepare required reports, conduct support groups, and attend staff meetings. The Director should work with caregivers and their families to coordinate care of plan in order to enhance quality of life for the family.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Masters degree in one of the following fields: social work, counseling, psychology, gerontology, and two years supervisory experience
  • Enjoy working with adults and seniors
  • Casework experience
  • Bi/trilingual English, Chinese and/or Korean language(s)
  • Computer/word processing skills
  • Personal or professional experience as caregiver



  • Overall program direction for caregiver services out of Manhattan and Queens offices
  • Compile reports and statistics to HMH and NYC DFTA in timely fashion
  • Monitor provision and achievement of Caregiver service levels, as defined in program service categories: outreach, information and assistance, caregiver services, respite, supplemental services.
  • Assess senior needs in accordance with HMH and DFTA policy
  • Work with CFO and Asst. Exec. Dir. in overseeing fiscal accountability
  • Oversee and maintain individual accounts for supplemental services.
  • Implement STARS DFTA data application
  • Arrange space for operations


  • Supervise all HMH Caregiver Services Staff at Manhattan and Queens sites.
  • Educate and train staff, as needed, on necessary resources, basic client engagement techniques and recognition of crisis situations.
  • Provide additional opportunities for staff development, recognition and growth
  • Conduct regular staff meetings with professional level staff to achieve program goals, share ideas/resources and address issues stemming from case conferences/service provision.

Professional Accountability

  • Engage with Assistant Executive Director For Senior Services in regular supervision and communicate critical issues in timely fashion
  • Participate in trainings and conferences to enhance professional development
  • Participate in HMH Administrative Staff Meetings

Direct Services

  • Provide and coordinate public information and outreach to all boroughs, prioritizing

Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan communities, focusing on potential referral sources.

  • Provide and coordinate staff direct outreach to community residents, particularly isolated and stressed caregivers, grandparents and families.
  • Provide individual counseling and group work in two-three different languages for caregivers and senior citizens which may include, but is not limited to: depression, anxiety, bereavement, psychosomatic illnesses, family reconciliation, maladaptive behaviors, cross-cultural barriers/stress, dementia. Provide appropriate referral for serious behavioral health issues.
  • Develop and provide training/education sessions for caregivers and support groups.
  • Accompany staff in provision of in-home assessment of needs and provide or purchasing concrete items and aide to caregivers and care recipients.
  •  When necessary, provide in-home assessment of care recipient to determine ADL/eligibility for respite services. Oversee coordination of provision and purchase of temporary relief for eligible caregivers in the form of congregate or in-home respite services.
  • Form advisory committee
  • Participate in NYC DFTA, agency and other trainings as necessary and appropriate
  • Work as team with other HMH senior service directors to determine, plan and develop new services relevant to changing needs of senior population
  • Collaborate with NYC DFTA, neighborhood health and human service providers in provision of services to the elderly, and other organizations assisting senior citizens.
  • Other appropriate duties as assigned

How to apply

To Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to:

Hamilton-Madison House

Human Resources Department

253 South Street

New York, NY, 10002

Fax: 212-349-2793


New York, New York
Hamilton-Madison House
Fax: 212-349-2793
253 South Street, New York, NY, 10002, US