The Crestone Charter School is seeking a Director to lead one of Colorado’s oldest and most successful charter schools. CCS is looking for a person with a passion for innovative alternative education and a commitment to serving our unique mission and objectives and Ends Policies. Our next Director will have exemplary communication and leadership skills and be an advocate for our experientially-driven, non-graded educational program.

Our School

Crestone Charter School (CCS) is a small progressive K-12 school in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Colorado’s rural San Luis Valley. Established in 1995, the educational program at CCS is experientially-based, non-graded, and includes Individualized Learning Plans within multi-age classrooms. In addition to academic excellence, we meet the needs of the whole child through a rich mentorship program, extensive travel experiences, and an emphasis on environmental awareness and the arts.

CCS has earned the John Irwin Award for Academic Excellence, and in 2010 earned the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award. Our high school program (LINK) was recognized as one of the top three schools for academic achievement in the state by the Colorado Department of Education.

CCS is enjoying its first year in a newly completed building designed by architect Harry Teague. We are powered by the sun and grid-tied. The building itself is a teaching tool and upholds the values our community places on self-reliance and sustainability. Our new school home is carbon-neutral and CHIPS certified.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Crestone Charter School is to provide a stimulating experiential program that nurtures each student’s sense of wonder and natural desire to learn, in a creatively structured atmosphere, emphasizing  academic excellence and uniqueness of character. We strive to inspire healthy responsibility in relationship with self, community  and environment, both locally and globally.

The vision is expressed through our Ends Policies. The Ends Policies reflect the value our school community places on responsibility and stewardship for the environment, outdoor survival skills, community service, relating with kindness and respect to others, critical thinking and problem solving skills, healthy sense of self, and an appreciation for the arts. Please refer to the complete list of Ends Policies as listed on our website. Our school uses the Carver Governance model and the Director reports to the Governing Council on the satisfaction of these Ends Policies.

Director’s Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic development and leadership

  • Safeguard and promote Crestone Charter School’s mission and vision

  • Support and supervise the CCS faculty and staff

  • Coordinate and supervise the day-to-day operations of CCS

  • Coordinate and supervise curriculum design and development

  • Coordinate and supervise student enrollment, assessment, records and transcripts

  • Supervise the implementation of discipline policies and procedures as required by CCS policy and Colorado statutes

  • Ensure adequate resources and sound fiscal management

  • Supervise contracts, payments, expenditures and financial records in accordance with the CCS annual budget and reporting requirements

  • Coordinate and supervise contract negotiations with Moffat Consolidated School District #2 in collaboration with the CCS Governing Council and its legal counsel

  • And in all matters conduct the operation of the school according to reasonable interpretation of the Carver Governance Policy Manual as determined by the school’s Governing Council

Qualifications and Requirements

A master’s degree and a minimum of 8 years experience in an educational setting are required. Knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to education is a must.

Compensation: Salary starting at $56,000 plus benefits

The Director’s contract is an At-will contract and the Director reports to the Governing Council of the Crestone Charter School.

Application Instructions:

To apply, please submit cover letter, resume, and letters of reference to

Application deadline is February 1, 2013.

CCS is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to a fair and diverse workplace

Moffat, Colorado
Crestone Charter School
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