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Job Opening ; Development Director
The Anthroposophical Society in America is seeking a Development Director that will assist with the growth and further development of the Society. In the past year, the Society has held a colloquium involving leaders in the anthroposophical movement, as well as intensive meetings with the Council of Anthroposophical Organizations, the Collegium of the School for Spiritual Science in North America, and the Youth Section. We have helped sponsor a conference of the Biodynamic Association and co-sponsored a conference of the Association of Waldorf Schools in North America. We are currently planning co-sponsorships with other anthroposophical organizations. It is a time for initiative and growth and we are looking to professionalize our working and truly become a heart organ serving Anthroposophia. The first step in this movement toward professionalization is the hiring of a Development Director who is enthusiastic about this mission.
A full description of the position and its responsibilities may be found here:
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On behalf of the General Council,
Carla Beebe Comey

Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Carla Beebe Comey
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