Data Manager/GIS Analyst

The Central Valley Chinook Life Cycle Model (CVC-LCM) team is working
to produce an empirically based model that will simulate the effects
of diverse conservation actions on the amount of available habitat and
the survival of threatened/endangered salmonids in California’s
Central Valley. The model integrates information on hydrology, water
temperature, habitat quantity/quality, and juvenile survival across
space and time, incorporating effects on various life stages (eggs,
fry, smolts, oceanic sub-adults, and returning adults) and in
different parts of their range (rivers, delta, floodplains, bays, and
ocean). The CVC-LCM team consists of ecologists, geographers,
modelers, and programmers, and relies on close collaboration between
these diverse team members, each of whom brings his/her own specific
skills to project.

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Santa Cruz, California
NOAA/UC Santa Cruz
Candan Soykan