POSITION TITLE: Curatorial Science Fellow, Ornithology

REPORTS TO: Ornithology Curator

SUPERVISES: All staff associated with Ornithology as directed by the Curator.

POSITION OBJECTIVE: To learn the duties, procedures and philosophy necessary to curate the animals, exhibits, and related facilities associated with the Ornithology Department, as well as associate these activities with the mission of WCS. At the completion of the three-year program the CSF, Ornithology should be qualified to assume a curatorial or similar position.

• The successful candidate will possess a M.S. or Ph.D. in Biology, Zoology, or related science. Individuals with a B.A. or B.S. with an exceptional record may be considered. Practical experience in animal husbandry and managing an animal collection and exhibits at a zoo or related animal care facility is preferred. Active participation in his/her field of interest is essential. Spanish language skills are a plus. Demonstrated skill in scientific research is desirable.

• Individual should be dynamic, engaging, energetic, and capable of communicating effectively with large audiences or small groups. Person must be a team builder and encourage all staff to accept and participate in creating and maintaining the best quality of life for the animals in the collection through an integrated husbandry program.

• Part of the program will be to develop a special research project that is developed in collaboration with the Curator. The Curatorial Science Fellow will be expected to assist the Curator in writing grants to accomplish in or ex situ research related to avian conservation. Completion of this project is essential to graduate from the program and it is expected that the individual will maintain an active role in scientific research related to Ornithology.

1. Learn how to care for the animals and run operations of all ornithology-related installations and exhibits in the Ornithology Department under the direction of the Curator, and through association with the staff of the department and other WCS employees.

2. Graduate the three-year program qualified to be a curator at a similar-sized institution.

3. Complete the scientific program created for this position and seek opportunities to keep the scientific interests of the Society integrated with the programs of the Living Institutions of WCS.


1. Managing all aspects of the Ornithology Department’s animal collection in accordance with WCS policy and standards; recommend acquisition/disposition of animals as outlined in the department’s collection plan.

2. Help to develop our growing avian conservation programs and support ongoing projects. Help to develop ex-situ avian conservation programs in appropriate WCS landscapes, in cooperation with the Wildlife Health team and Global Field Programs. Help to develop New York based ex-situ programs. Help to contribute to locally-based avian research projects. Work together with the Curator to write grants aimed at securing funding for avian conservation projects.

3. Responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the World of Birds, Aquatic Bird House, Pheasant Aviary, Conservation Building and associated facilities. Oversee the department’s collection in buildings managed by other Departments.

4. Oversight for the hiring, evaluation and discipline, as necessary, of permanent and hourly staff in the department. Aid in training of staff in animal husbandry techniques, and handling of dangerous animals.

5. Work with the staff of the Wildlife Health Sciences Department and the other WCS animal department staff to assure the physical and psychological health and well-being of the animal collection.

6. Learn the procedures necessary to create and use the Ornithology Department capital and operating budgets.

7. Coordinate special events, and classes with other Society staff, under the direction of the curator.

8. Prepare, or supervise the preparation of charts, data collection, reports, records and other miscellaneous paperwork in routine operation of the department or as requested by the Curator.

9. In collaboration with the Curator and Wild Animal Keepers, help to develop enrichment projects for birds in the department.

10. Develop new exhibit ideas and suggest upgrades and improvements for existing exhibits and a vision for the exhibits and the animal collection.

11. Speak extemporaneously, or prepare lectures as assigned by the Curator, General Curator, and/or VP & Director, Bronx Zoo.

12. Maintain an active role in the science of education and biology as they relate to Ornithology.

13. Learn and eventually be responsible for the supervision, safety and keeping of all property, monies, documents and records associated with the Ornithology Department.

14. Represent the Society as directed by the Curator, General Curator, and/or VP & Director, Bronx Zoo.

15. Participate in activities of the AZA and other organizations as assigned.

16. Maintain the Society’s standards for quality animal care and management and enhanced guest experience throughout the exhibits and facilities. Help to create the best possible guest experience at Ornithology Department installations and other exhibits under our guidance.

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Wildlife Conservation Society
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