Coordinator of Organizational Learning & Performance Management


Uncommon Schools (Uncommon) is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Uncommon builds uncommonly great schools by developing and managing regional networks that are philosophically aligned and highly accountable and by designing and implementing “best-in-class” teacher training. Uncommon currently manages 38 schools serving nearly 10,000 scholars in five regions: Boston, New York City, Newark, Rochester, and Troy. Ultimately, Uncommon will grow to 46 schools serving more than 16,000 scholars. The organization has achieved outstanding academic results based on internal assessments, statewide exams, and graduation milestones. Its schools consistently outperform their district counterparts and are among the highest-performing urban schools in their cities and states.


The Coordinator of Organizational Learning & Performance Management supports the professional growth of all Uncommon Schools’ employees by providing logistical and administrative support to the Organizational Learning and Performance Management teams.

This position reports to the Associate Director of Organizational Learning.


Uncommon will be widely recognized as one of the top-performing CMOs in the country, in large part because of the way that we support the professional growth of our teachers, leaders and home office employees. We will continue to develop distinctive knowledge about how to teach and lead in ways that make a difference in students’ learning, and will promote best-practice sharing across our schools and regions.


  • Managing logistics for the portfolio of work managed by the Organizational Learning team (e.g., Uncommon Retreats, Professional Development sessions, PD Working Groups, Fellowships, Diversity Working Group), including:
    • Researching venues, as necessary
    • Managing contract solicitation, vendor payment and reimbursements
    • Liaising with venue to ensure smooth “day of” operations
    • Reserving meeting rooms, managing room set-up and ordering meals
    • Preparing and distributing meeting materials
    • Coordinating the onboarding process for Summer Teaching Fellows
    • Providing logistical support for Uncommon’s school inspections, including:
      • Sending and tracking invitations to take part in the inspections
      • Gathering and distributing materials to inspection teams
      • Ensuring schools’ travel needs are handled efficiently (e.g., coordinating with Uncommon’s travel agent; making travel plans, as necessary)
      • Tracking inspection data to identify key trends
      • Sending post inspection satisfaction surveys
      • Providing administrative support to the Organizational Learning and Performance Management teams, including:
        • Creating and managing surveys
        • Managing purchasing and credit card reconciliations
        • Reporting quarterly culture budgets to team leader


Required knowledge, skills & characteristics

  • Passionate commitment to the mission of Uncommon Schools
  • Excellent organization, time management, and follow-up skills; especially in respect to project management
  • Strong written and oral communication skills (i.e., demonstrated ability to speak and write clearly)
  • “Customer service” mindset; able to work with a wide range of internal and external partners
  • Demonstrated ability to be self-directed and take initiative; “Problem-solver” mentality
  • Ability to prioritize and demonstrate urgency in proportion to the need
  • At home in a fast-paced, dynamic, entrepreneurial environment
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Demonstrated proficiency using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Team player

Minimum educational level

  • Bachelor’s degree required


We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Aside from extensive professional development, all our staff members are equipped with a laptop computer, email, a cell phone, and all necessary supplies.

How to apply

If you are passionate about improving educational opportunities for historically underserved children and communities, please visit our website at and apply onlineat .

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.

New York City, New York
Uncommon Schools (Uncommon)