Conservation Education Content Developer

The Education, Training, and Evaluation Department is seeking a part-time education / curriculum specialist for 20-25 hours weekly. This position is available immediately and will extend for approximately 3 months. Primary work tasks will include:

• Finalizing SCA Curriculum.

• Identification of activities and modules within SCA’s Green Jobs Readiness Curriculum that support the SCA Curriculum.

• Creation of additional teaching modules and supporting educational materials.

• Alignment of appropriate educational components in SCA educational curricula with national STEM and other relevant standards.

• Editing training materials to reflect and enhance relevant STEM and other educational criteria.

• Implementation of new training/educational curricula during the summer 2013 program season.

Candidates should have demonstrated experience with:
– outdoor, experiential educational programming
– conservation based training
– development of educational curriculum / materials
– experience teaching / training
– experience with evaluative tool development

Charlestown, New Hampshire
Student Conservation Association (SCA)
Doug Caum