Communications Director

The Communications Director leads BMe’s strategies to emblazon the message that black men are assets to society upon the minds of media, business, philanthropic and community leaders. The Communications Director reports directly to the CEO and works with excellent communications firms, dozens of inspired black male role models, and content providers in multiple cities.

Key Responsibilities
• Use and invent provocative, engaging and positive ways to assert black men as assets;
• Lead teams of staff, contractors, & grantees called “BMe Leaders” to execute strategies and tactics;
• Gather data that disrupts popular negative assumptions and embed it in public discourse;
• Create a network of media outlets and influencers who reinforce our messages.

The ideal candidate has a strong personal commitment to seeing black males as assets to society; prides themselves on their effectiveness; is talented, collaborative, optimistic, and authentic.
• Experience creating attention-grabbing campaigns and/or products;
• Excellent verbal, writing, and editing skills;
• Must be an agile thinker and able to seize opportunities presented by daily news and events;
• Experience hiring, evaluating, and working with communications firms;
• Political campaign experience a plus.

How to apply

Application: Initially we are assessing your ability to be engaging and concise as a writer, your related experience, your assertiveness and your powers of observation. Please submit 800 words or less (2-pages) on why your life’s story makes you right for this role; a one page note on your initial observations of BMe and opportunities you see for partnerships and for “Flipping the Script”; plus your resume

Miami, Florida
BMe Networks, Inc