Co-Director of Teaching and Learning

We are seeking a strategic administrator with a strong background in curriculum, professional development,
professional review, and staff management. The Coordinator supervises designated teacher teams (divisions)
within the school. The position reports to the Head of School, and is a member of the Senior Management Team
and the Teacher Leadership Group.
• MA in Education, Teaching, or Educational Administration
• Minimum 5 years’ classroom teaching experience, preferably in early childhood or elementary grades
• Minimum 5 years’ experience in a leadership position involving curriculum or professional
development, and/or teacher supervision
• Awareness of early childhood regulations and standards
• Knowledge and understanding of progressive education and pedagogy
• Demonstrates deep knowledge of child development, from early childhood through early adolescence
• Learns with curiosity and thinks flexibly
• Leads in a manner that exemplifies and fosters the school’s progressive mission
• Builds interpersonal relationships with colleagues and families
• Possesses keen listening, communication, management, problem-solving, and analytical skills
• Exhibits excellent judgment and decision-making abilities
• Shows a strong sense of integrity, reliability, and accountability
• Works independently, attends to details, and multi-tasks effectively
• Meets deadlines and works well under pressure
• Analyzes academic standards and assessment data with acumen
• Employing a leadership style grounded in shared decision-making
• Facilitating constructive and collaborative teacher observation and review
• Reviewing, assessing, and developing curricula in collaboration with teachers
• Empowering others to lead
• Writing and presenting factual and philosophical information to the school community
• Developing and monitoring budgets for curriculum and professional development
• Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring strong teacher and associate teacher candidates
• Leading meaningful parent conversations
• Identifying appropriate special education and differentiation strategies
• Managing course scheduling
• Working with early childhood programs
• Processing student discipline in a child-centered manner
Candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and references to
Baker Demonstration School is an independent day school, committed to providing an exemplary Preschool, Elementary and Middle School
education to our 391 students. We believe that children learn best in an inclusive, creative community that encourages individual risk-taking
and values different ways of learning. Baker’s experiential approach nurtures the development of the whole child enabling each student to be
fully prepared for intellectual, artistic, physical and social/emotional challenges well beyond Baker. We cultivate our students’ intrinsic
motivation to learn and their active participation in the learning process. We foster excellence through critical thinking and integrated
connections across academic and artistic endeavors. We promote collaboration while developing personal leadership. We foster citizenship
by encouraging students to develop self-awareness and compassion for others. Baker celebrates individual, family and cultural differences
and graduates students who appreciate diversity in all its forms.
Baker Demonstration School does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, or sexual
identity in its hiring processes and actively promotes the principles and practices of diversity throughout the school community. We offer
competitive compensation and a progressive community dedicated to learning and engaged citizenship.

Wilmette, Illinois
Baker The Progressive School
201 Sheridan Rd
Wilmette Illinois 60091