Climate Change Program Associate

Position Title: Program Associate 1/2 – Climate Change Mitigation/AFOLU/REDD+ Specialist
Location: Arlington, VA
Department: Ecosystem Services
Reports to: Program Officer 2
Position Summary:
The Program Associate will be responsible for assisting in the implementation of projects related to climate change mitigation in the agriculture, forestry, and other land uses sector.

Responsibilities will include: performing field data collection especially in relation to forest carbon, analysis and synthesis of data and information on land use and forests; tracking national and international activities in related fields, document and report writing, and holding training sessions on methods for field measurements.

ESSENTIAL Responsibilities:
*   Implement technical assistance and prepare project design documents for climate change mitigation programs in the agriculture, forestry, and other land uses / reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation (AFOLU/ REDD+) sector. Activities may include: compilation and summarization of existing literature and data; writing project documentation; writing measuring and monitoring (M&M) plans to estimate changes in carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions resulting from project activities; assist in implementing monitoring plans; developing and implementing carbon assessment training modules; building capacity in clients to compile and analyze data and information.
*   Provide support to program staff in the development of methods for measuring and monitoring (M&M) changes in carbon and non-CO2 greenhouse gases in terrestrial ecosystems. Support may include: researching scientific literature; interactions with scientific colleagues; reviewing software and equipment; evaluating what and how existing methodologies could be integrated with new methodologies being developed; contributing to documents, manuals, and presentations of M&M methodologies developed by program staff; and assisting in developing training modules in the use of methods.
*   Implement statistically sound approaches to project design and data analysis for carbon and other GHGs, including use of field data, new statistical tools, and models.
*   Maintain knowledge of evolving issues in the global climate change and environmental fields, including the role of land use change and forestry activities for mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases. Maintain knowledge of other organizations working in similar fields.
*   Assist in proposal preparation and coordination. This may include writing proposal text; assembling proposals; formatting documents and CVs; performing internet-based research.
*   Translate documents and emails when necessary. Act as translator during training sessions when needed. (Formal document translation will not be required.)
*   Other tasks as assigned.

Qualifications and Background
Education: Bachelor’s required; Master’s degree in field related to Ecology, Environmental Science, or Forestry preferred
*   Two years’ work or experience in ecosystem ecology, forestry, or a closely related field with emphasis on quantifying key elements of the terrestrial carbon cycle. Applicable experience attained during course of study can be included.
*   Demonstrated writing abilities essential
*   Demonstrated ability in data analysis, including statistical assessments essential
*   Demonstrated international experience strongly desired
*   Demonstrated ability to work with public and private funding organizations desired
*   Experience with informal or formal teaching or training desired
*   Knowledge of and experience in climate change mitigation in the land use sector desired
*   Knowledge of international development arena desired

Other Skills/Knowledge:
*   Proficiency with Microsoft Office, including high proficiency in Excel, required
*   Proficiency with a statistical software package preferred
*   Excellent organization skills essential, including ability to coordinate a variety of tasks, meet deadlines, work effectively under pressure, and work as team player
*   Demonstrated strong analytical capability and solving abilities required
*   Excellent interpersonal skills required

*   Familiarity with a broad range of forestry and environmental issues required
*   English and Spanish professional-level oral and written fluency desired
*   Must be willing and able to travel without dependents to remote locations both domestically and internationally on short trips (up to a month or so)
*   Must have valid employment status in US

Applicants may go to Winrock’s Job Page at<> to complete an online application, submit a current resume and cover letter by February 28, 2013. The position is listed as “Program Associate”.
Winrock International is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Arlington, Virginia
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