Chief Education Officer


Title: Chief Education Officer

Supervisor: Chief Operating Officer



The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) envisions a future where all students are prepared for continuous learning, a challenging career, and active citizenship in a rapidly changing world. We are confident that Maine can and should emerge as one of the nation’s most science literate and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) capable states. To that end, we seek a dynamic and visionary leader to guide our future efforts to provide programsthat ignite the curiosity, ambition, innovation, and problem-solving potential of Maine’s next generation.

GMRI has assembled an unparalleled mix of science, education, and community capacity that enables us to build knowledge and nurture innovative partnerships to sustain healthy ecosystems and resilient communities for the future. GMRI is widely respected as one of the top marine institutions in the Northeast, providing interdisciplinary scientific research and technical support to aid the fishing industry, resource managers, conservation organizations, and seafood businesses in addressing the key challenges and opportunities of ocean sustainability. Our education programs likewise have earned national recognition for their capacity to engage and support K-12 students and teachers in STEM learning. We see science literacy as a cornerstone of a 21st century economy and recognize that attending to the capacity of our next generation is a critical lever for ensuring the economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and community well-being of the Gulf of Maine bioregion.

GMRI is seeking a Chief Education Officer (CEdO) to lead its education group.This group is committed to cultivating a STEM literate public by developing technology platforms that engage K-12 learners as participants in the scientific process in service to authentic and relevant science questions. The CEdO provides leadership in this endeavor by creating vision for future direction, nurturing a culture of innovation and guiding the group’s activities within the educational priorities established in GMRI’s strategic plan.

The CEdO is also attentive to broader institutional goals including the upholding of a culture of excellence that supports GMRI’s highly talented staff in achieving consistently high levels of impact; the sharing of knowledge and expertise through contributions to scholarly and popular media and participation in conferences, committees and associations; the development and maintenance of a strategic network of partnerships and mutually beneficial collaborations with vanguards in our fields; and the attraction, engagement and support of board and advisor relationships regionally, nationally and internationally.


1. Lead and manage staff – GMRI has benefitted from the hiring and retention of a competent and highlymotivated staff. The CEdO has a critical role in providing collaborative leadership to a diverse team, including providing vision, nurturing ideas and encouraging staff to innovate and take risks to deliver ground-breaking programs and products. The CEdO plays an important role in coaching senior EDU staff in the delivery of program and strategic outcomes, and ensuring high levels of employee performance and satisfaction on an ongoing basis. The CEdO meets weekly with senior EDU staff to provide both supervision and leadership.

2. Oversee the development of student learning experiences – GMRI Education programs are recognized for their innovation, high degree of student engagement and effective use of digital technology. They provide students the opportunity to do meaningful science in a way that contributes to attainment of 21st century skills. The CEdO leads the development and delivery of EDU programs by strategic assignment of program staff, vetting a broad range of approaches, ensuring adequate resources and monitoring progress against outcomes, schedules and budgets.

3. Oversee teacher professional development programs – GMRI is recognized in Maine and beyond for its high impact teacher PD programs. The CEdO ensures our teacher PD programs leverage our education programs, which are aligned with research-based best practices that support deeper learning and acquisition of 21st century skills. Our teacher PD programs are designed to support teachers’ implementation of both our programs and effective instructional practices from other sources.

4. Ensure development of learning assessment strategies – GMRI is currently working with researchers at Stanford University and the University of Maine to develop and implement innovative assessment strategies to ensure our programs are delivering gains in STEM-literacy skills: problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. The CEdO oversees staff activity to initiate, fund and facilitate these kinds of partnerships that are critical to measuring the effectiveness and desired impacts of our programs.

5. Nurture foundation, corporate and individual relationships to fund EDU programs – The CEdO is ultimately responsible for securing funds for all EDU programs. This involves overseeing program budgeting work to determine needs, understanding local and national funding opportunities, strategizing ideas with colleagues, and developing concepts to take to prospective and current funders. Relationship building with funders and other important constituents includes written emails, phone calls, and a multitude of in-person meetings and presentations to individuals and groups. The CEdO writes a number of proposals and, in partnership with Development staff, oversees the balance of proposal development by program and senior education group staff.

6. Monitor innovations and trends – GMRI EDU programs sit on the leading edge of learning science. They push the boundary between formal and informal science and optimize technology to deepen learning and student engagement. The CEdO must cultivate a culture where new ideas that may be applicable to EDU practice and broader GMRI goals are constantly emerging, percolating, getting distilled and executed as appropriate.

7. Engage with statewide and national STEM programming efforts – The CEdO scans the education and technology market spaces and chooses to engage in efforts that build and deepen partnerships, inform best practices, support concerted efforts and build GMRI’s reputation as a thought leader. Current examples include the Clinton Global Initiative, Carnegie Corporation of New York and 100Kin10 and Maine STEM Collaborative.

8. Sustain GMRI as a strong, vibrant entity – A major attribute of GMRI is its unique combination and integration of Research, Community, and Education missions. The CEdO understands the potential of collaboration within GMRI and is competent in developing ways that Education can be enhanced and extended by working across the organization. The CEdO is a member of GMRI’s Management Team. Related responsibilities include providing collaborative leadership and organizational oversight from an education perspective in support of GMRI’s evolving strategic plan, preparing and managing annual operating budgets, and contributing perspectives on GMRI policies and practices. Additionally the CEdO works with the GMRI Board of Directors and staffs board committees related to education outcomes and strategies.

Qualifications – The successful CEdO will be inspired by an expansive and meaningful organizational mission, curious about new or different ways to do things, communicative with both individuals and groups and deft at connecting the priorities of others with GMRI’s strategic goals. Representative qualifications include:

  • Track record of strategic vision, innovation, entrepreneurship and product development.
  • Curiosity, aptitude for identifying trends and seeing and actualizing opportunities.
  • Five years of demonstrated expertise in growing, motivating and managing a diverse staff of 10 or more people.
  • Three years of high level organizational management experience.
  • Demonstrated collaborative leadership skills, including the ability to engage others in an efficient process of solving a problem or developing a product/program.
  • Demonstrated expertise at securing and sustaining program funding from a range of individual, corporate, governmental and philanthropic sources, at a scale of $2 million or more per year.
  • Knowledge of current formal and informal education systems and national trends.
  • History of innovation with the integration of pedagogy and digital technologies.
  • A solid track record in program and product design, development, execution and management.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and sustain successful relationships with the educational, academic and business communities, partners and advisors.
  • High level of passion for learning, and the ability to inspire others.

Final candidate may have the literal pedigree summarized above or an eclectic background that provides the insight, leadership, management, communication and organizational skills and entrepreneurial bent required to excel in this position.

To Apply:

Please submit cover letter, resume, and the names and addresses of three references by November 15, 2013 to ensure full consideration. To apply for this position, Click Here Note: you will be navigating away from the GMRI website. Questions should be referred to Please note that we will not be accepting resumes sent to this email address. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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