Chief Academic Officer

Positions: Chief Academic Officer

Location: San Francisco, CA (short-term/training) & New Delhi, India (long-term/ Management)


Effect is a passionate group of individuals who are unreasonably dedicated about making a big difference in the world. We are a startup committed to disrupt the achievement gap and transform education delivery for millions of poor children through a scalable network of affordable private schools.
We are a small team of 3 individuals who have spent years conducting research and piloting our own school in India. Our vision is to impact millions of poor children through a highly successful network of low-cost private schools. Since the beginning we’ve asked ourselves the question, “How do we build a chain of 95 low-cost private schools every year?” guided the entire creation of our model so that we could accomplish such an audacious goal. By using technology and data we’re able to leverage efficiencies in school operations and quality management to quickly launch a streamlined system of affordable, high-impact schools. The heart of the business is our lean operational model that trains qualified edupreneurs to successfully run individual schools supported by our centralized management staff with supplemental curriculum, mentoring, and quality control. The result is a quality school with key functionality and full sustainability to service the poor at price points they can afford.
Effect offers an enormous opportunity to grow with an exciting, ambitious and socially conscious venture. Being an early employee with Effect will enable you to leverage your experience and implement it immediately to benefit millions of children. You’ll be apart of one of the most exciting startups in the world. We look forward to getting to know you!


We are seeking a Chief Academic Officer who will be oversee the development, curation and implementation of primary and grade school curriculum and a teacher and headmaster training program. The Chief Academic Officer will learn the full spectrum of Effect operations in San Francisco California, and later work at Effect’s new headquarters in New Delhi, India. This is a role that will require fearless entrepreneurial spirit and determination to succeed regardless of the hardships you may encounter. This position is heavy and there will be no job harder than this. The details required in operating a successful chain of low-cost private schools are staggering, and the challenges of accessing and serving the bottom of the pyramid are not easy. However, the largest challenges reap the greatest rewards. The opportunity is to be the person who innovates and leads its team in developing education models that will radically change the future for millions of children.

Work experience in the education sector is important, but there is no pre-determined work experience for this position. Applications will be accepted for a variety of backgrounds, for example: This person may have taught at charter or private school and grown into a leadership position. Experience in leading curriculum development, teacher training, and/or headmaster training in the specified country is advantageous, but not required. The most important qualities we seek are passion, drive, problem solving and ability to act as a team player.

• Responsible for developing, curating and implementing primary and grade school curriculum.
• Develop teacher-training program.
• Develop headmaster-training program.
• Responsible for standardizing daily routines of teachers and headmaster.
• Develop curriculum feedback loops.
• Develop blended learning model.
• Responsible for implementing school management system.
• Manage and direct a team of curriculum developers.
• Assist in classroom and school design.

Required Experience
• Undergraduate degree.
• 3-5 years of work experience within education.
• Experience that required highly independent work in an exceedingly challenging environment.
• Work experience in emerging markets.
• Experience working in blended learning schools.

Nice To Have
• Prior experience working in education in a developed country and India.
• Management experience in a rural Charter school.
• Teach of America alumni or equivalent

How to apply

To apply, email: with a resume and cover letter.
Additionally, we’d like you to:
• Tell us why you’re interested in working at Effect.
• Tell us about your most challenging work project and how you overcame it.
• Tell us a time that you failed and what you learned from it.

New Delhi, Delhi, India,