Chief Academic Officer

Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the responsibilities of the Chief Academic Officer include, but are not limited to:

Ensure high student achievement

  • Set clear, measurable, motivating goals at the beginning of the year for every grade/ subject and every class; ensure team is bought into the goals and feels motivated by and accountable to them; keep goals front and center and regularly assess student progress toward them; never make excuses when goals aren’t met but rather rally the team to improve and recommit to achieving them
  • Plan the instructional schedule and curriculum in partnership with the executive director and the rest of the leadership team based on school-specific data and results
  • Ensure academic rigor through curricular alignment with standards
  • Analyze school-wide data regularly with the executive director and teachers to champion effective instructional data practices and assessments
  • Manage the school assessment process to ensure that teachers are using data to drive instruction and run high-impact interim assessment data debriefs
  • Serve as a member of the Student Support Team (SST)
  • Ensure that systematic interventions occur whenever students are struggling; monitor quality and effectiveness of interventions to ensure they are rigorous, disciplined, and high-impact

Coach teachers toward instructional excellence

  • Identify clear learning goals for teachers, create and execute on development plans using a range of coaching strategies and improve teacher effectiveness; systematically develop a team of great coaches
  • Provide hands-on coaching to a portfolio of teachers and help them master the essentials of effective instruction
  • Observe lessons and provide on-going, specific, actionable, positive and constructive feedback that ensures the teacher can translate the feedback into improved instruction and fosters a “we’re on the same team” feeling
  • Model great instruction in your own teaching
  • Effectively plan both full units and individual lessons with teachers and the Director of Curriculum, guiding them through the entire backwards planning process
  • Manage and carry out a data based teacher evaluation system for all teachers

Facilitate high quality professional development

  • Accurately identify and prioritize professional development needs through careful analysis of student data, teacher growth areas and school goals; maximize the impact of formal PD time and ensure that all sessions are thoroughly and thoughtfully planned, engaging and actionable
  • Design and run high-quality professional development sessions
  • Write thorough, thoughtful, actionable annual growth plans for all the teachers in your portfolio at mid- year and end-of-year
  • Work with each team member to set clear, measureable, outcome-oriented academic goals for the year and plan professional development opportunities around those academic goals

Serve as an active member of the school leadership team

  • Reinforce the mission with staff and inspire them to act on the mission every single day; exude urgency, excellence, and optimism; use the mission as a litmus test for school- based decisions and to provide focus when prioritizing what will have the greatest impact on students; instill staff with a feeling that they are contributing to something greater than themselves
  • Reflect on actions and adjust behavior and systems accordingly; ask regularly for feedback; model humility and admit mistakes; seek out thought partners
  • Plan each day and week to ensure that top priorities are addressed and accomplished on time
  • Work collaboratively with the Executive Director, Director of Curriculum and other leadership to develop and maintain a positive school climate and culture
  • Support teachers in developing their leadership skills

Develop the school’s curriculum in preparation for growth and grade expansion

  • Oversee the school’s curricular documents and create the Scope and Sequence, Curriculum Maps, and Unit Plans for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies to encompass Grades 2 and 3

Skills and characteristics

  • Knowledge of essential content, Common Core Standards, and highly effective teaching strategies in at least two subject areas
  • History of effectively coaching both new and experienced teachers
  • Strong instructional, classroom management and discipline skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Belief in the Sela PCS mission , educational model and core values
  • Maturity, humility, strong work ethic, sense of humor, and a collaborative work ethic

Educational background and work experience

  • A bachelor’s degree from a competitive college or university
  • At least 5 years of urban teaching experience with a record of high student achievement
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Common Core Standards and student assessments
  • Experience with the role and responsibilities of an instructional coach required
  • Proven success in the collection, disaggregation, and analysis of assessment data

How to apply

To apply, submit your resume and detailed, personalized cover letter to Please indicate your salary history and requirement, as well as contact information for three professional references.

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Sela Public Charter School

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