Chemical Dependency Counselor (CDP) or Chemical Dependency Intern (CDP-T)

DESC’s Crisis Diversion Interim Services (CDIS) is currently recruiting for a Chemical Dependency Counselor (CDP) or Chemical Dependency Intern (CDP-T) for the night shift (11:30 pm – 8am).

The CDP / CDP-T provides services to clients who are identified as impacted by alcohol or other drug use, joining a multi-disciplinary team of mental health, chemical dependency and social work professionals providing rapid stabilization, treatment and referrals for individuals in crisis. A 24/7 residential treatment facility, the Crisis Solutions Center (CSC) provides a more therapeutic, less expensive, and more effective alternative for individuals in mental health crisis than the extremes of jail or the emergency room, as well as giving first responders an alternative to doing nothing.

Clients will be admitted to the Crisis Diversion Facility (CDF) on a voluntary basis for up to 72 hours, and guidelines for referral include having good behavioral control, no history of violence, and willingness to cooperate with services.

Crisis Diversion Interim Services (CDIS), with 23 beds, accepts individuals who have “graduated” from the Crisis Diversion Facility who are homeless, or at risk for homelessness. Clients may stay for up to 14 days, and will be able to access psychiatric services; mental health and chemical dependency assessments; individual and group counseling; and intensive case management.

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Licensed by the state of Washington as Chemical Dependency Professional and any other government-required certification, registration or license as may be appropriate.
  • Experience and skills in working with mentally ill individuals who are difficult to engage and may resist services.
  • Be willing to seek to understand each client’s unique circumstances and personal preferences and goals and incorporate them into the crisis response to help the client regain a sense of control.
  • Knowledge of de-escalation skills, crisis intervention & stabilization, and harm reduction strategies, preferred.

Strong applicants are able to demonstrate the ability to be positive in their empathic responses to all persons; understand the value of meaningful and deep client engagement; have the potential to acquire the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills of an effective crisis worker; and value a non-judgmental response to sensitive issues. Candidates should be able to accept feedback and work in a highly collaborative and potentially stressful environment.

Go to for a detailed job description and salary information.

How to apply

  • Please submit a cover letter detailing your reasons for applying for this position, along with a resume, to
  • Email attachments will not be accepted unless they are in a format readable by MS Word or Adobe Reader. Attachments in formats such as .wps or .jpeg will not be accepted.
  • You may also mail your cover letter and resume to: DESC, ATTN: Human Resources, 515 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, or fax to (206) 515-1501.

DESCThe Downtown Emergency Service Center is committed to diversity in the workplace, and promotes equal employment opportunities for all staff members and applicants. The Agency will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability in any employment practice, unless based on a bona fide occupational qualification. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

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