Campaign Representative, Beyond Oil

Job Title: Campaign Representative, Beyond Oil Campaign- DC or TBD

Department: Conservation

Location: Ideally Washington, D.C. but will flexible for well qualified candidates.

Reports To: Associate Director, Beyond Oil Campaign

Context: Plans, manages, and coordinates all aspects, including goal setting, planning and execution of activities related to the supply side (Dirty Fuels) initiatives of the Beyond Oil Campaign.

Campaign: America’s dependence on oil is the single greatest threat to the stability of our climate and the future of our environment. The United States produces more carbon dioxide emissions from oil alone than the entire economy of any nation in the world other than ourselves and China. Oil is our leading source of smog, particulate matter, and many other critical toxic chemicals that cause millions of asthma attacks and preventable illnesses each year. It has drawn us into wars that have cost tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. And perhaps most disturbing of all, the profits from oil have become a major corrupting influence in our democracy, perpetuating the aforementioned impacts.

All of these problems are about to get much worse.  The United States, along with our neighbor Canada, is undergoing the largest boom in oil production since conventional sources of oil peaked in the 1970s.  This oil, however, will not be obtained from the relatively simple wells of the 20th century.  It will instead be fracked out of shale rock, forced out by the pressure of millions of gallons of water and toxic chemicals in a process that threatens drinking water, risks earthquakes and entails dangerous methane leakage.  It will be drilled from wells a mile or more beneath the surface of the ocean, where a single accident can start an unstoppable catastrophe.  And it will be processed out of kerogen and bitumen in massive strip mining operations, while producing enormous air, water and global warming pollution.

The climate math for these new technologies simply doesn’t work.  If we are going to win the battle to protect our environment from the worst impacts of global warming, there is no avoiding the central role of the United States, and our energy and transportation policies.

The good news is Americans across the political spectrum want to reduce our dependence on oil. The Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil Campaign’s primary goal is to cut oil consumption roughly in half in 20 years through efficiency, clean fuels, and reduced driving, thereby putting the oil consuming sectors on the trajectory to meet 80 percent reduction of GHGs by 2050. Our goal is also to protect the health of communities and the landscape from the adverse pollution impacts of increased drilling in North America in a manner that is economically sound and socially equitable.

The Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil campaign is hiring for a Campaign Representative to run the supply side of the campaign called the Dirty Fuels Initiative that focuses on slowing and eventually stopping the production of new oil supplies, especially high carbon unconventional oil sources in North America, by increasing the costs of production, blocking key infrastructure, and banning exports.

Scope: The Campaign Representative has overall program management responsibility and provides experienced leadership and strategic planning for the Dirty Fuels Initiative of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil Campaign.  The Campaign Representative determines priorities and timetables, plans and develops strategies, coordinates with both the internal Sierra Club Dirty Fuels team and the external Dirty Fuels coalitions and evaluates campaign/program effectiveness.

Job Activities:

  1. Oversees the development, coordination and execution of the Dirty Fuels Initiative, defeating proposed dirty fuel projects, influencing state and federal policy, and participating in ongoing coalition efforts.  Works with national and chapter staff and volunteers to develop a coordinated, effective campaign, oversee implementation of the program, and assist in fundraising efforts.
  2. Coordinates public education and media outreach activities with the Sierra Club’s communications staff, including developing tactics to secure earned media, identifying opportunities to utilize paid media, serving as Sierra Club spokesperson to national media outlets, and promoting volunteer media exposure.
  3. Directs the development and preparation of campaign information including the writing, editing and distributing of fact sheets, publications, and other educational materials.
  4. Works with the Associate Director of the Beyond Oil campaign to ensure that the Initiative budget is appropriately managed.
  5. Works to develop and insure that volunteers assume meaningful roles in the Initiative. Seeks opportunities to advance the Sierra Club’s diversity initiatives through new partnerships and engagement strategies where appropriate. Coordinates a variety of engagement strategies including on-line and face-to-face social networks to support the Beyond Oil campaign.
  6. Works closely with the Sierra Club’s Federal Policy team to develop the Initiative’s strategy around public officials including the federal administration and Congress. Cultivates relationships with public officials and lobbies public officials on issues of importance to the Dirty Fuels Initiative in partnership with the Federal Policy team.
  7. Works with the Associate Director and Senior Director of the Beyond Oil Campaign and the Club’s fundraising staff to develop proposals for grant funding, prepare written reports and maintain strong relationships with specific foundations and funders involved with the Dirty Fuels Initiative.
  8. Represents the Sierra Club to the general public.
  9. Supports and provides professional expertise to staff and volunteers.
  10. Networks and builds relationships with critical decision makers and key players working on oil. Develops positive working relationships with existing coalitions on campaign issues; works to build and sustain issue coalitions.
  11. Attends various issue committee and regional conservation meetings.
  12. Introduces creative ideas and approaches for consideration.
  13. Coordinates and measures success of activities with manager and campaign leads to ensure progress towards the campaign’s mission and goals.
  14. Handles miscellaneous projects and duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills:

— 3-5 years’ experience working on a national/state level campaign, preferably in a leadership position, with experience in strategy development, field/community organizing, Congressional and administrative lobbying, media relations, fundraising, volunteer management, budget planning and management, and building relationships with senior level political/community/business leaders.

— Substantial experience, demonstrated skill and ability, in project or campaign management.

— Excellent demonstrated written and oral communication skills.

— Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated experience successfully working with diverse stakeholders.

— Substantial experience, demonstrated skill and ability, in field/community organizing.

— Substantial experience and demonstrated ability and effectiveness working with volunteers.

— Solid understanding of federal policy and how to work with public officials.

— Valid driver’s license, satisfactory driving record, and proof of auto insurance required.

This position is represented by a collective bargaining unit and is subject to the terms and conditions of the contract between Sierra Club and John Muir Local.

The Sierra Club offers competitive salary package commensurate with skills and experience plus excellent benefits that include medical, dental, and vision coverage, and a retirement savings 401(k) plan. To see the full benefits package we offer, please visit This is a category 4 exempt position.

Sierra Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to a diverse workforce.


Washington, District of Columbia
Sierra Club
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