Botanist/Ecologist Research Assistant

Position Title: Research Assistant
Posting Id: 2218
Department: Kansas Biological Survey
Categories: Unclassified Professional Staff, Regular
Advertised Rate of Pay: $35,000-$42,000 annually depending on qualifications and experience
Position #: 00066693

Position Overview:

The Native Medicinal Plant Research Program is seeking a full-time botanist ecologist for the research program and laboratory run by Kelly Kindscher. The lab is focused on Botany/Plant Ecology/Conservation Biology/Medicinal Plants research (see: <> The unclassified staff position will begin as early as April 22, 2013, although applicants who are graduating this spring will also be considered. The position will be located at the University of Kansas, Kansas Biological Survey office near 21st and Iowa Streets in Lawrence, Kansas.

Funding for the position ($35,000 to $42,000/year) will be provided by grants to the Kindscher lab at the University of Kansas). Currently funding is secure for the first 18 months, but we will work together to find additional funding. Work will be focused on continuing to develop the Native Medicinal Plant Research Program (a project focused on ethnobotany, plant ecology, botany, conservation biology, horticulture, restoration ecology, and the study of medicinal plants) and other projects of the lab. The position will have a major focus on field work. Broad skills in botany and ecology, collection and propagation of medicinal plants, and preparation of manuscripts, reports and grants will be needed. We seek a highly motivated and dedicated individual to participate in collaborative work for these projects.

More information about the Kindscher lab is available at: <

Job Duties:

50% Identify, collect, process and catalog medicinal plant species in the wild
15% Grow and oversee production and research of medicinal plants at our research garden
15% Grant proposal preparation and writing
8% Collaborate with supervisor, staff, PIs, and students in the compilation of data, and the preparation of publications and manuscripts
5% Supervise graduate and undergraduate students, volunteers and others in field collections, garden production and management, the process of data collection and database management, writing educational content, research garden activities, and other tasks
3% Meet regularly with the lab director to plan work activities
2% Meet regularly with staff, students and others to coordinate work
2% Prepare paperwork related to office management and other tasks

Required Qualifications:

1. Master’s degree in botany, ecology or a related field, and one year experience in botanical, ecological, and/or horticultural work, or equivalent fieldwork experience. Exceptional candidates with a bachelor’s degree and three or more years of professional experience in field botany/ecology will also be considered.
2. Experience which demonstrates knowledge of native and cultivated plants and vegetation of the Great Plains and Midwest including expertise in plant species identification and use of dichotomous keys.
3. Experience with database management.
4. Experience managing multiple detailed projects simultaneously.
5. Experience managing changing priorities and deadlines.
6. Strong computer skills and experience with programs, internet, email, and statistical software packages.
7. Valid driver’s license.
8. Experience working independently.

NOTE: Applicants in their final semester of a master’s program are also welcome to apply.

Preferred Qualifications:

1. At least two years experience in botanical or horticultural work beyond graduate school.
2. A Ph.D. in botany, plant ecology, horticulture or related field.
3. Extensive knowledge of Great Plains/Midwest or Southwest botany and ecology.
4. Experience with publishing and preparation of publications
5. Demonstrated ability to be well organized and work independently
6. Supervisory experience
7. Grant-writing experience

Position Requirements:

Must be physically capable of working under strenuous field conditions, hiking to remote field sites while packing in field supplies, and withstanding extreme summer heat.

Salary Range: $35,000-$42,000 annually depending on qualifications

FTE: 1.0 (full-time)

Contact Information for Applicants: Questions about the position should be addressed to: Kelly Kindscher, <>

Application Deadline/Review Date: Deadline to apply is March 31, 2013.  Review begins April 1, 2013

Estimated Start Date: Position will begin as early as April 22, 2013, although applicants who are graduating this spring will also be considered.

Special Application Instructions: Applications are accepted on-line only. A complete application will consist of the on-line application, a cover letter addressing how the candidate meets the required and preferred qualifications of the position, a resume or curriculum vitae, and contact information for three professional references.

Lawrence, Kansas
University of Kansas
Kelly Kindscher