Blueprint Math Fellows Coordinator - Site-Based

Job Title: Blueprint Math Fellows Coordinator ; Site-Based

Reports to: Blueprint National Fellows Program Director


Position Overview Blueprint Math Fellows enhance student learning by reinforcing instruction students receive in the classroom. Fellows are charged with building strong relationships that help to increase each student’s self-confidence in and commitment to his/her education. Fellows are an integral part of the school experience, helping build a culture of high expectations for the students they serve.

The Math Fellows Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

(1) Supporting and evaluating the professional experiences of Math Fellows for the improvement of student growth and achievement; and

(2) Providing solutions for daily management issues involving Fellow-Student relationships, Fellow-Fellow relationships and Fellow-Staff relationships.

Responsibilities Required activities include (but are not limited to):


  • Review daily feedback surveys
    • Respond immediately to any red flagissues
      • Pass along communication to necessary parties
  • Follow-up with Fellows regarding any specific student issues
  • Develop a Professional Development Schedule on a weekly basis
  • Plan weekly meetings for all Fellows
  • Create communication plans for each tutorial room
  • Ensure tutors maintain an up-to-date student contact information binder
  • Serve as a liaison between Fellows and school staff
  • Share Fellow’s student progress reports with school leadership
  • Encourage Fellows to consistently communicate with parents

Observation and Evaluation

  • Walk-throughs of Fellow tutorial rooms
    • Observe tutorial rooms for at least two periods every day, rotating periods daily, to check general culture of the tutorial rooms
    • Fellow Evaluations
      • Conduct a formal evaluation of each Fellow every 6-weeks
      • Coordinate student surveys and evaluations of their Fellows
      • Coordinate Fellows’ completing student progress reports every 6-weeks including growth data


  • Ensure all Fellows have access to campus databases
  • Ensure all Fellows have access to and are trained in the Scholastic Math Inventory (SMI)
  • Evaluate progress toward student achievement goals and identify trends in data
  • Ensure and/or aid Fellows in developing and executing plan to follow-up on assessment data
  • Track Fellows’ attendance and performance (based on evaluations and student progress)
  • Catalog surveys


  • Plan and execute quarterly Fellow morale booster/social event
  • Plan and execute weekly recognitions of tutors
  • Plan and execute room competitions
  • Facilitate and track Fellows’ proactive outreach to all students families
  • Foster tutor recognition of students


  • Ensure Fellows are adhering to school standards within tutoring room
  • Ensure Fellows are adhering to professional expectations
  • Ensure Fellows wear appropriate attire and exhibit appropriate language
  • Ensure that Fellows exhibit punctuality, and interact professionally with students and staff

Position Requirements

(1) Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s Degree preferred

(2) Background as a Math Specialist or 3-years of experience working in a management capacity

(3) Prior experience working with students or adolescents

(4) Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with multiple stakeholders

(5) Strong communication skills both written and verbal

(6) Familiarity with MS Office

Salary and Benefits Math Fellows Coordinators are not employed by Blueprint Schools Network; they are the employees of an outside hiring agent. The Math Fellows Coordinator position offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

How to apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit our website, to submit a resume and cover letter online.

Blueprint Schools Network is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural heritage, ancestry, political belief, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability or veteran status.

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