Biological Technician (Seasonal)

Nature’s Capital is a small business located in Boise, Idaho. Our mission is to assist in the maintenance and enhancement of the natural capital found in biological and physical resources. We provide scientifically sound, high quality ecological inventory and assessment information and management recommendations founded in knowledge of ecosystem processes and functions. Nature’s Capital is seeking to fill six seasonal Biological Technician positions.

The Biological Technician will assist in collecting and summarizing data on the ecology of forest, shrubland, and grassland vegetation or rare plant species. The incumbent will assist with ecological field inventories. Duties include making observations and recording data on plant species composition, stand structure, and environmental factors influencing the distribution of plant communities or species. Duties may include recording, summarizing, and proofreading technical information; use of word processing, spreadsheet, database, or GIS software; or interpreting spatial imagery or other technical map products. The position will require experience in back country travel; some experience in use of basic tools such as a field compass, topographic maps, clinometer, altimeter, and global positioning systems; and operation of motor vehicles on unimproved roadways.

Work activities require ability to walk for several hours in rugged terrain and work in extreme weather conditions. Work schedules will require overnight travel and primitive camping in remote locations.

Minimum Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in botany, ecology, forestry, range or a related field, or an equivalent combination of courses leading to a bachelor’s degree and work experience. Work experience should demonstrate some knowledge of a regional flora and ability to complete tasks outlined in the position description (for example, some experience identifying plants using a taxonomical key; sampling vegetation using
standard plant ecology, common stand examination, ecological site inventory, or habitat assessment methods; rare plant or noxious weed survey methods; or habitat and population monitoring methods). Back country experience may be documented through work history or recreational activities such as hiking, skiing or mountaineering.

Candidates with strong back country experience and interest in acquiring skills and experience in field ecology are encouraged to apply.

To apply for a Biological Technician position, please send a current resume as an email attachment to Include the job title in the subject line. Please provide contact information for individuals with knowledge of your experience and capabilities. Candidates for the position should make contact as soon as possible. Hiring decisions are planned to occur on or before May 10, 2013.

Nature’s Capital, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Salary and benefits are competitive.

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