Analyst, Performance Management

Job Goal: During this two (2) year position, the Analyst is responsible for ensuring that new information about teacher and staff performance is used to inform support to staff and better decision-making on behalf of students. Priorities for this role include working closely with the Strategic Data Fellow and other Performance Management staff to support the management of projects that increase the percent of students taught by highly effective teachers, perform analyses, support a weekly and monthly decision making cycle, and help lead communications, engagement, training and change management.

Context: Since 2009 Pittsburgh Public Schools has been working on a comprehensive plan to improve student success by empowering effective teachers. Thanks to four years of collaboration and development we now have comprehensive information about teacher and administrator performance. We are committed to using this information to help teachers grow their practice, make better decisions as a District, and change our policies and procedures in order to ensure all students experience effective teaching. Our vision is that Pittsburgh’s teachers will be empowered as effective leaders to do whatever it takes to foster a culture of striving, resilience and college-readiness, so that more than 80 percent of all students will be Promise-Ready and complete a college degree or workforce certification.


The Analyst will play an important role at the center of the District’s efforts to help teachers and staff improve, recognize and reward success, and improve outcomes for students.



  • Master’s degree is required.Previous work experience in education or the public sector preferred.
  • Project management: Analyst must demonstrate prior successful experience managing projects, coordinating logistics, and completing project deliverables at a high level on short timelines.
  • Analytical skills: Background in quantitative analysis is required, including experience both in applying analyses for decision making purposes as well as in communicating results to lay audiences.
  • Leadership: Analyst must demonstrate prior successful leadership experience including coordinating various groups to work towards a common goal and building relationships with key stakeholders.
  • Communications: Analyst must demonstrate evidence of effective communication (oral and written), presentation and facilitation skills, ability to problem solve collaboratively and keep stakeholders informed and up-to-date in a fast-paced environment.
  • Technical proficiency: Computer proficiency, especially with Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Familiarity with Access and/or any statistical software preferred.
  • Analyst must be available and willing to work a non-traditional schedule, including occasional weekends and evenings to meet deadlines in an intense, fast-paced environment.

Essential Job Functions

1. Manage and/or support the management of projects that increase the percent of students taught by highly effective teachers

– Partner with Talent Management team to improve staffing processes

– Apply project management and analytic skills to improve procedures related to absence management, leaves, substitute teaching, recruitment, selection and transfers

2. Perform analyses that enable the use of performance information for support and decision making

-Conduct data analyses to support policy decisions, communications and engagement

-Compile research, organize data and write memos and documents

-Share best practices across programs

-Oversee data sharing with external partners (e.g. for program evaluation purposes)

-Work with data and reporting team to develop specifications for reports and data sets

3. Support a weekly and monthly decision making cycle

-Gather and organize data to present to staff directly supporting schools and school leaders

-Identify and communicate actionable interventions in support of schools

-Calculate and compile key progress monitoring metrics

4. Help lead communications, engagement, training and change management

-Organize and lead training sessions and professional development for school-based and central office staff (e.g. data use trainings)

-Plan and/or facilitate events including engagement sessions, presentations, meetings

-Assist with outreach efforts to various stakeholder groups

-Manage communications with stakeholders



Project management

-Analytical skills (descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and econometrics preferred)


-Technicalproficiency(e.g.Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access)


-Writing (technical and persuasive)

-Organizational skills and logistics

-Workflow management

-Stakeholder relations

Financial management

How to apply

Interested applicants should apply at

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Public Schools

341 S. Bellefield Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, US