Air/Water Technicians (Seasonal)

The NPS Northeast Temperate Inventory and Monitoring Network and Acadia
National Park are recruiting for one or two seasonal physical science
technicians. The position may be filled at the GS-5, GS-6, or GS-7 level.
We anticipate an early May start date for this position.

Major duties: Water resources work will include taking field measurements of
water quality parameters such as pH, conductivity, temperature, clarity,
dissolved oxygen, and water quantity (lake water level, stream discharge) in
park lakes and streams; collecting water samples from lakes and streams for
chemical and bacteriological analysis at contract labs, and collecting
samples of benthic stream macroinvertebrates.  Air resources work includes
operational checks, maintenance, and calibration of visibility, particulate,
deposition, and climatological sampling equipment. The position also
involves calibrating and maintaining equipment in field and lab sites,
conducting simple laboratory analyses, entering information into electronic
databases and spreadsheets, compiling and analyzing information for use in
interim and annual reports.  The incumbent may occasionally collaborate or
communicate with other state, federal and private cooperators or researchers
working with the park on monitoring programs or research investigations with
air, water, wildlife, vegetation, and other resource programs.  This
position requires use of a variety of vehicles, equipment, and watercraft to
conduct these activities. This position is shared between the NPS Inventory
and Monitoring program and the Resource Management team at Acadia national
Park, working primarily in the water and air resources program.  The
incumbent may occasionally be asked to assist one of the other disciplines
within the division of Resource Management, and will work either
independently or alongside other NPS staff.

Physical demands: The incumbent will regularly need to conduct activities
outside, which will often entail standing, bending, lifting and carrying
heavy objects, and hiking over rough or sandy terrain, steep slopes, or
within chest deep water.  Field protocols may require some sampling in areas
of heavy poison ivy and high densities of biting insects; during hot, humid,
wet and/or windy weather, and/or winter conditions.  Other work must be
conducted from a canoe or small watercraft; portaging the canoe and other
field gear will also be required.  Approximately 15% of the incumbent’s time
will be performed in an indoor setting (office and wet chemistry

Area information: The position is located in Acadia National Park, Mount
Desert Island, ME.  Weather is typical of the coastal maritime region, with
daytime temperatures ranging from the 40s in the spring to the low 80s in
the summer months and into the early fall.  Work occurs from sea level to
1,530 feet.  Park headquarters is located about four miles outside of Bar
Harbor, Maine.  Essential amenities (groceries, churches, clothing, schools,
and medical services) can be found in the neighboring communities of Bar
Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor, and Ellsworth.

To apply, please use the following links between February 13 and February
19. If you qualify for multiple grades, you will have to apply separately
for each grade.



Questions about this position can be directed to Brian Mitchell,

Bar Harbor, Maine
Northeast Temperate Inventory and Monitoring Network and Acadia National Park
Human Resources