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Job Description: Agricultural Arts
Draft 7/2/12
About the Bay School
Located on mid-coast Maine, the Bay School enrolls 110 students from 16 neighboring communities. The Bay School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. Situated on a beautiful 36-acre campus, the school encompasses academic buildings, large arts facility, woods, trails, athletic fields, meadows, a chicken coop, greenhouse, forge, gardens, and a playground.

The Bay School’s mission is to provide an education that engages and nurtures the whole child, inspiring a balanced growth of heart, mind, body and spirit. We are committed to developing in our students’ inner confidence, responsibility, self-motivation, a love of learning, imagination, creativity, and intellectual clarity. The educational ideals and values of the school, rooted in the Waldorf tradition, create a community of children, alumni, parents, faculty, friends and neighbors imbued with reverence for others and the natural world.

About the Agricultural Arts Program
Our main goal of the Agricultural Arts program is to teach sustainable interdependence with the natural world. We seek to integrate Agricultural Arts into the daily life of every classroom, that every child graduate with this natural will-based work as a part of their life experience, and that each be given a chance to feel respect for the earth. This is a program in which nature is given a voice as one of the children’s teachers.

General Responsibilities

In addition to the core teaching responsibilities, the Agricultural Arts Teacher is also responsible for the following gardening, maintenance, and administrative/development duties, which directly relate to those teaching responsibilities and outcomes:

• Planting and caring for vegetable gardens, native species, gardens and tree and shrub plantings with students during class times and school festivals.
• Planting and maintaining the school greenhouse.
• Organizing garden chores for students, faculty and parent volunteers on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis.
• Assisting and coordinating with class teachers with the preparation and realization of outdoor projects.
• Acting as onsite naturalist for students and teachers to stimulate involvement in the gardens and surrounding native landscape.
• Spearheading the care of the chickens.
• Maintaining compost.
• Creating and repairing garden fencing, tool sheds, and equipment.
• Developing garden, food and nature based lessons within the Waldorf pedagogy and working with class teachers to document and review the program.
• Networking with area schools and outdoor educational groups on school gardening programs, and attending conferences and professional development seminars related to Agricultural Arts.
• Lead school garden tours.
• Ensuring that garden produce is harvested, donated, preserved, or used.
• Preparing for the agricultural dimensions of school festivals and events.

Hours, Schedule & Length of the Year

The Agricultural Arts Teacher begins each school year, which runs from the Wednesday following Labor Day by attending Faculty Inservice the week before school begins, works throughout the school year, and finishes the teaching year by attending the Spring Faculty Inservice. (S)he teaches the equivalent of 5-10 class periods per week, some as single 40-minute periods and some as 80-minute double periods, to both single and combined grades from 1st to 8th. (S)he is expected to arrive early enough each day to adequately prepare for classes and must plan enough time to maintain and care for the classrooms and outdoor spaces (s)he uses for the program. (S)he also attends monthly faculty meetings and periodic mid-year inservices. The Agricultural Arts Teacher participates in evening programming for the parent community and represents the school at events and in circumstances where this particular program is a focus.

Salary & Benefits

Specialty Faculty work under annual contracts and their salaries are calculated from a common base rate of $1,133/class/week. To compensate for duties beyond teaching, planning, and prep, an additional, negotiable salary amount is added to this base teaching salary. Salaries are paid in 26 equal payments, with the first payment to start the first Friday in September and subsequent payments to be made every other succeeding Friday. Part-time salaried teachers are eligible for a pro-rated tuition discount toward their children’s tuition (full time teacher benefit is 50%) and a pro-rated paid sick and/or personal days (full time teacher benefit is 7 days per year) based on their hourly teaching schedule.


Specialty teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent amount of training in their discipline and at least one year of education experience teaching 6-14 years old. Waldorf teacher training is preferred and experience in environmental education and outdoor leadership skills are highly valued. The right candidate will display an ability to work with students, staff and volunteers.

We are seeking an individual who is committed to excellence in teaching, parent education and dialogue, self-development, and collegial cooperation.

To Apply
Please send a letter of interest and resume to:
Khalif Williams, Director
The Bay School
P.O. Box 950
Blue Hill, Maine 04614

Blue Hill, Maine
The Bay School
Khalif Williams
P.O. Box 950
Blue Hill, Maine 04614
United States