ACT Instructor

College Track San Francisco Job Description: ACT Instructor

Position Status: Part-time

Hours: Wednesday and/or Friday, from 4:40-6:50 (does not include prep time)

Pay: $24/hr.

Location: 4301 3rd St, San Francisco

What is College Track?

Founded in 1997, College Track exists to help students, who have the desire but lack the resources and support, to attain higher education and fulfill their own best promise. We work with students from historically under-served populations: 99% of our students are of color and all come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Through a comprehensive, three-pronged program of Academic Affairs, Student Life, and College Affairs, College Track guides students to successfully complete high school and graduate from college. College Track San Francisco has been around since 2007, and uses a site-based approach, meaning that students go to schools all over San Francisco and attend programming at our site after-school an average of three days per week throughout high school. For more information on the organization, go to

ACT Instructor Position Description:

Each spring, our students participate in a 10 week ACT Prep course. The ACT is a gatekeeper for our students: students get better choices of colleges and universities as well as exemption from remedial classes at California State Universities. And yet, our students struggle to score as well as their peers in more affluent communities. We aim to provide our students with the best possible test preparation so that they can meet their potential on the actual test. To do this, we need excellent teachers who have knowledge of teaching strategies that impact student achievement in a big way.

ACT Instructors will teach up to two sections of ACT Class, each section with about 15 students. Teachers will guide their students through preparing for the test through targeted skill practice, personal data analysis, and test taking strategies. Instructors will also work to mentally prepare students to take the actual ACT in April 2014. Instructors will be responsible for personalizing the given curriculum and tailor it to students’ needs as demonstrated by practice test performance, as well as optimizing the language of the curriculum for student understanding.

What is provided for instructors:

  • Curriculum and classroom materials (i.e. worksheets, handouts, powerpoints)
  • Curriculum training and instructional training
  • Paid prep time each week
  • On going support
  • Technological resources



  • At least a B.A.
  • At least one year teaching experience required, preferably at an under-resourced school site or a program similar to College Track.
  • Experience working with and an understanding of issues related to racial, ethnic, class, and gender equity in education for students at the secondary and post secondary levels.
  • Strong classroom management skills.
  • Demonstrated strong lesson-planning skills.
  • A knowledge of high-impact teaching techniques
  • Familiarity with ACT preferred but not necessary
  • Strong English and Math skills
  • Clear criminal record check and TB results.




  • Report to the Academic Affairs Director.
  • Prepare for and execute each two-hour classroom session
  • Provide Academic Affairs Director with the coming week’s lesson plans each week.
  • Able/willing to design pre/post assessment to monitor student progress
  • Agree to be observed by the Academic Affairs Director and College Track National Staff.
  • Meet regularly with the Academic Affairs Director to review student performance and discuss altering academic services.
  • Track student data and communicate data with students and Academic Director
  • Keep accurate attendance records of all workshops.
  • Enforce the College Track “Student Code of Conduct.”
  • Attend Instructor Training sessions on January 11th and a second date TBD
  • Submit bi-monthly timesheets

How to apply

To Apply: Please submit your resume and a very brief cover letter (can be in the body of the email) indicating why are a good fit for this position to Lia Izenberg, Senior Academic Affairs Director, No phone calls please.

San Francisco, California
College Track San Francisco
Lia Izenberg

4301 3rd Street, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, 94124, US