Academic Programs Staff Psychologist

The Staff Psychologist will serve as a resource primarily to the Preparatory Component of Prep for Prep but may serve as a resource for various components of Prep for Prep, providing expertise in assessing psychological problems that actually or potentially impact on the academic performance, continued enrollment, and/or general well-being of Prep for Prep students.

Specific responsibilities of the Staff Psychologist include:

1. Assessing the psychological problems/needs of individual students as referred by the various components.

2. Helping to determine whether students need therapy and deciding on a course of action, i.e., short- or long-term therapy to be administered by the Staff Psychologist, the Senior Staff Psychologist, or by an outside therapist.

3. Meeting with those individual cases (which may include families) on either a short- or long-term basis as determined above.

4. Organizing and running group sessions with Prep for Prep students who share similar problems and issues which would best be addressed in groups (optional).

5. Assisting the Senior Staff Psychologist as needed as she provides in-house staff training for counselors and others related to psychological problems, trouble signs to be alert to when working with students, and strategies that might be appropriate in helping students respond to problems.

6. Consulting with component directors and, when appropriate, with other staff members on individual cases and providing guidance for their counseling of students.

7. Sit in on conclave (group guidance sessions of a maximum of 16 students) for first summer students during the summer session and all students during the school year. School year schedule: Wednesday afternoons, 4 -6 p.m. and all day Saturday.

In order to carry out the responsibilities enumerated above, the Staff Psychologist will:

1. Meet regularly with the various component directors (the Director of Counseling and the Director of Academic Programs) in order to assess student needs, to discuss cases which the Senior Staff Psychologist and respective component directors have decided should be assigned to the Staff Psychologist, to serve as a consultant for cases which do not require intervention, and to make outside referrals in appropriate cases.

2. Work with the Associate Executive Director, component directors, and the Senior Staff Psychologist to develop long-term strategies for responding to general psychological problems of subsets of Prep for Prep students or to problems related to the adjustments required of them to be successful in independent schools.

3. Regularly inform component directors as to the status of assessments and/or interventions and progress being made by each student referred to the Staff Psychologist.

How to apply

Please send cover letter and resume to:
Director of Personnel

New York City, New York
Preparatory Component of Prep for Prep
Director of Personnel

328 West 71st Street, New York, NY, 10023, US