ABA Therapist

he Gateways Autism Center at Gateways Community Services is continuing to grow. We are seeking ABA Therapists to join our innovative team.

Position Summary:
The ABA Therapist is a paraprofessional who practices under the close, ongoing supervision of a Designated ABA Therapist supervisor either a BCBA® (Board Certified Behavior Analyst®) or a BCaBA® (Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst®). The ABA therapist is primarily responsible for the direct implementation of skill-acquisition and behavior-reduction plans developed by the supervisor. The ABA Therapist also collects data and conducts certain types of assessments (e.g., preference assessments) at the direction of the case supervisor. The ABA Therapist does not design intervention or assessment plans.

Most therapy delivery will be provided in individual client?s homes. Clients may vary in age from children to adults.

Essential Job Functions:

§ Execute delivery of services from behavior support plans and teaching strategies, utilizing highly structured treatment programs that are geared toward the specific client?s needs

§ Implement discrete trial teaching procedures and environmental teaching

§ Reinforce positive behaviors and intervene when clients exhibit undesirable behaviors

§ Complete all reports and documentation required in service delivery, entering data and updating graphs using appropriate manually or Gateways Community Services designated applications

§ Describe client behavior and environment in observable and measurable terms

§ Implement crisis/emergency procedures according to protocol

§ Maintain professional boundaries (e.g., avoid dual relationships, conflicts of interest, social media contacts)

§ Maintain client dignity

§ Effectively communicate with Supervisor

§ Respond appropriately to feedback and maintain or improve performance accordingly

§ Maintain Gateways Autism Services? certification criteria

§ Required to travel to individual homes to provide services

§ Ensure quality delivery of services.

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