6th Grade Teacher

Special Note: one of the potential colleagues would be an Antioch alum

Here’s the scoop. A 6th grade colleague of mine down here at Oak Hill Middle School in Newton is stepping down in December after 30+ years. I’d love to get an Antioch grad into that position as a long term sub through June with the potential of staying on afterwards. It would be a math/science position. She/he would have an awesome coteacher and a lot of support getting adjusted. Collectively, there’s a group of us in the 6th grade doing very innovative, antiochian work. We’re one like-minded person away from that tipping into a really outstanding, progressive environment. If you have a couple super stars that might be interested, we’d be happy to come up to a prosem in Oct and talk it up.

Newton, Massachusetts
Oak Hill Middle School
Andrew Wood

Newton, MA