Regional Pollutant and Mobile Source Section Chief


The Department of Natural Resources is dedicated to the preservation, protection, effective management, and maintenance of Wisconsin’s natural resources. We are currently looking for a manager to join our team as a Regional Pollutant and Mobile Source Section Chief located in the Bureau of Air Management, Madison.Job Duties: This position plans and directs the activities of the Regional Pollutant and Mobile Sources Section. The primary responsibility is to develop and maintain State Implementation Plans and policies for the control of fine particulate matter, ozone, regional haze, sulfur dioxide and other criteria pollutants, as directed. This position reviews major federal air quality policy initiatives, including, but not limited to, proposed changes to National Ambient Air Quality Standards and proposed federal rules to address interstate transport of ozone and fine particulate matter, control of greenhouse gases, control of mercury emissions, and implementation of revised air quality standards. This position also directs the development and analysis of plans and policies associated with state and federal mobile source control programs. This position is expected to advise the Air Management Bureau Director on major federal air quality initiatives and clearly communicate the poten tial regulatory impacts for the State of Wisconsin.
Madison, Wisconsin
WI Department of Natural Resources
Dionne Boedeker
101 S Webster Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
United States