Into the Wild- A Cool Breeze

The following essay was written as part of Into the Wild, a nature writing course that was offered at Gorham High School. Each week, students visited a local place of interest and wrote in any format they chose-non-fiction, fiction or poetry. The Berlin Daily Sun printed several of the students pieces. This piece was written after a trip to Pine Mountain.

Into the Wild
Chelsea Muise

A cool breeze blows across my frozen face.
I wonder where it has been
And where it will go;
Maybe to a desert or across the sea,
Maybe to an ancient land,
Or even right back to me.
Wherever it goes,
I know it will be free,
Gliding along so gleefully.
Seeing the sights there are to see,
Laughing at you and me over our human stupidity.
On it will glide,
Into the reaches of forever.
When will it stop?
Possibly never.
Stealthily it flies,
Over land and over sea
Never giving a second thought
About me.