Interdisciplinary Master of Arts

Integrated Master of Arts-Antioch University New EnglandThe Interdisciplinary Master of Arts (IMA) is designed to provide students with the opportunity to individualize their graduate program to reflect their unique interests through study in two or more academic disciplines tailored to their particular interests and career goals.

IMA students can create a self-designed curriculum for either the primary or minor concentration, or both.  Another option for students is to choose an existing AUNE primary or minor concentration or to pursue a Program Plan designed around a specific interdisciplinary field of study such as Autism Studies.


Program Plan Development

The development of the Program Plan is guided by AUNE core faculty.  Each Interdisciplinary Master of Arts student selects a faculty advisor, typically from their primary concentration area, to guide their studies.  The Program Plan must be approved by the IMA program director and the student’s faculty advisor.

IMA students take courses at a pace which suits their needs.  However, there are several common enrollment patterns to help students plan.

Fall I            9 credits (full-time attendance starting in the fall)
Spring          9 credits
Summer      6 credits
Fall II           9 credits

Additionally, the IMA student will take one 3-credit course at a time over four academic years in addition to the specified number of courses added to an existing array of completed coursework.

Learning Goals

Like all master’s degree programs at AUNE, the Program Plan for students in the IMA program must meet the following broad program learning goals:

  1. Develop specialized knowledge
  2. Extend broad integrative knowledge
  3. Build application skills
  4. Enhance intellectual skills
  5. Deepen civic responsibility

The specific student learning outcomes designed for each IMA student’s Program Plan will contribute to these broad program goals.  In addition, it will articulate, both theoretically and in the application to practice, the need for an interdisciplinary course of study.

IMA Program Structure

IMA Core Courses 33 Total Credits Required
Human Development and Diversity
or 3 credits
Introduction to Sustainability
Practicum 3 credits
Primary Concentration 15 – 21 Credits
Minor Concentration 6 – 12  Credits

Possible Concentrations from Existing Academic Programs

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sustainable Business
Educating for Sustainability
Learning with Information Technology
Social Justice Advocacy
Sustainable Development
Resource Management

Interdisciplinary Fields of Study

Autism Studies/Applied Behavioral Analysis