Safety & Emergency Procedures

General Emergency Response Guidelines
In an emergency requiring Policy, Fire or Ambulance assistant, dial (9) 911. Then notify the Provost’s office (x2150 or x2444).

Medical Emergencies
In the case of a medical emergency stay with the patient IF it is possible to send someone else to call (9)911. Provide all the requested information and do not hang up until instructed to do so by the dispatcher. First-aid kits are located at the Receptionist’s desk, in the Staff Lounge, and in the Library.

Fire Emergencies
For fire, smoke, explosions, large spills of toxic chemicals, strong irritating odors or gases, pull the nearest fire alarm and evacuate the building immediately. This alerts the Fire Department. Report all necessary information to the Provost’s office (x2150 or x2444), or to the Facilities Manager (x2363), or to the Keene Fire Department Incident Commander onsite quickly.

All alarms are real. When the evacuation alarm sounds, leave the building immediately.

Walk directly to the nearest ground floor exit marked by lighted green EXIT signs. Maps for general evacuation routes are posted inside the door of all rooms throughout the building and in corridors and common areas.

Proceed to the end of the parking area farthest from the building and wait for additional instructions. Do NOT enter vehicles and attempt to leave the parking area. This action will result in delaying the incoming emergency apparatus.

If there is to be a long delay in reentering the building, the Fire or Police Department will set up traffic control to facilitate departure in a controlled manner.

Earthquakes, Explosions, Building Collapse
Should an earthquake occur, seek shelter from flying glass and possible collapse of building components, under the nearest desk or lay face down against the nearest interior wall. Protect your neck and head with your arms. When quaking stops, evacuate and help others to evacuate, by the nearest outside opening. If you must leave through a window opening, use any means available to clear glass from the frame.

Worker’s Compensation
In the event of occupational injury or sickness, employees are protected under benefits of the Workers’ Compensation Law. If you are injured on the job, contact the Human Resource Office as soon as possible to report the incident. A First Report of Injury form must be completed even if the injury does not require medical attention. This will protect you in the event that the injury causes a delayed reaction.

Minor Safety Concerns
We need to know about all safety concerns no matter how minor — including spills, body fluids (vomit, blood, etc.), electrical or chemical odors, mechanical malfunctions, hazardous storage, blockage of of any pathway, entrance, or exit. Contact the Facilities Manager (x2363), or Shift Lead/Custodian (762-4852).

Safety and Emergencies

Access to Campus Facilities
Antioch facilities are generally open from 7:30-5pm weekdays, or one-half hour after the end of the last scheduled class.

On weekends the building is open when there are classes or events scheduled, generally one hour before an event is scheduled, and one-half hour after the end of the event.

Since Antioch is a private university, access to our Campus is limited to current and prospective students, employees, and their guests. A community member should report anyone in the building they suspect is not a member of the educational community to the Facilities Manager (x2363) or Shift Lead/Custodian (762-4852).

Campus Law Enforcement Policies
Antioch employees who are involved with security matters are authorized to take actions required to protect Antiochians and property of Antioch from immediate danger. They are not legal law enforcement officers so they will immediately call the Keene Police Department when there is danger to persons or facilities. It is our policy to promptly report all crimes to the Keene Police Department. As stated in Procedures for Reporting Criminal Action, report any suspected criminal activity to the appropriate official. In an emergency involving immediate threat to persons or property you should call the Keene Police Department at 352-2222 or dial (9)911, and notify the Facilities Manager. Antioch New England is on the Keene Police Department’s routine patrol route.

Campus Security Information
The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Title II of Public Law 101-542 requires an institution to begin to collect certain information about crimes on campus. It also requires that the institution prepare, publish and distribute this information to all current students, employees, and any applicants for enrollment or employment upon request. The spirit of this legislation is to make our campus a safer place through awareness, clear channels of communication, and encouraging each of us to take reasonable precautions.

Procedures for Reporting Criminal Action
Security concerns that do not need an emergency Police response (9)911, should be reported directly to the Facilities Manager (x2363).

It is Antioch’s policy to respond quickly to any threats to the safety of students, employees or Antioch property. At off-campus sites, criminal activity should be reported to the Site Director or faculty member present, who in turn will notify the appropriate local authority.

Statistics on Campus Crime and Arrests The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 requires disclosure of crimes beginning 1 September 1991 and each year thereafter. For an annual update of crime statistics for Antioch New England, refer to the website of the Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education.