Open Enrollment, 2013-14

Open enrollment is the annual event that effectively prompts you to review the Antioch benefits program overall, and choose the insurance plans you wish to add, drop, or change in anticipation of the new plan year.

Your decisions take effect 1 January and remain in effect for the year. (You may be eligible to make subsequent changes in the year only if you experience a life or family status change, otherwise known as a qualifying event.)

Any and all changes  and the decision not to make any changes  for the new plan year must be communicated by you to the HR Office not later than Friday, 5 December. That is, the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday.

United Heathcare Medical/RX Insurance Plans & Rates: The following chart shows benefit levels for our two UHC health plan options when Network Providers are utilized. For out-of-network benefits, policy exclusions, and limitations please refer to the United Healthcare benefit summaries and certificates of coverage (see next tab). This document is intended to be an overview of your insurance options and is not a guarantee of benefits.