Retirement Benefits FAQ

About TIAA-CREF services

  1. How often will a TIAA-CREF rep contact each account holder?

    Retirement plans are self directed. Employees bear the responsibility to reach out to TIAA-CREF. A rep visits the campus on an annual basis, though one-on-one access will be limited. And you should be receiving account statements once a quarter (every 3 months) by email or through the mail – your choice.

  2. Where is the nearest office located? Can you speak to a rep at any time?

    The nearest office to Keene is in Hanover, NH. There offices in MA: in Waltham, Cambridge, and Boston. Meetings must be scheduled in advance by calling to set up an appointment. Here are other contact options.

  3. What services/resources are available to me?

    What are the fees for the services? How accessible are their representative? Here is a list of the TIAA-CREF services and products.

  4. Socially responsible investing, what do they offer?

    This is the fund that is available through the plan. Here is insight about the institution’s overall investment strategy.

Allocating and Accessing Funds

  1. How do I create a diverse, “nimble” portfolio that can withstand this and future challenging economic times on multiple time horizons?

    (For example, I am 35 years old, but some colleagues are much closer to retirement). For allocation / investment information:

  2. About income options. (How and when can I access my benefits?)

  3. How do I tell if I’ll have enough money to retire? What are my options? Where someone should 1-5 years away from retirement be planning for financially? What an individual should be doing to tend the account?

    On the bottom right hand corner of the monthly statement, you will see a chart depicting a potential payout option and a projected number. This is a place to start from. Beyond that, there are planning tools that can give everyone the ability to customize this information, more specific to their personal information.

Contributions, Fund Choices, and Frequency of Reallocation

  1. How can I accelerate, increase the amount of money being placed in my account?

    You may contribute money through payroll deduction in addition to the money that is contributed by the University up to the annual limits established by Federal guidelines. Complete the Retirement Salary Reduction Agreement and return it to HR.

  2. What are reasonable funds based on age and risk level?

    About 27 investment fund choices are listed within your account. For those uncertain and not desiring to choose, Antioch offers the Lifecycle Funds that offer an investment portfolio that is felt to be appropriate or mapped to an individual’s targeted retirement year (Lifecycle 2050, 2020, 2015, etc.)

  3. How do I and how often can I change how money is invested in my account?

    Younger employees often review their accounts every few years and those closer to retirement (potentially within 10 years of such) often do this annually. Here is the frequent trading policy.