Dessert Bake-offAntioch University New England (AUNE) offers a comprehensive benefits package to all eligible, fulltime employees. Some of the benefits of working at AUNE include:

Health Plan

AUNE offers a choice between two healthcare plans, a Preferred Provider Option plan (PPO) or a High Deductible plan with Health Savings Account (HD/HSA), along with Dental and Vision plans. Coverage in these plans may be extended to eligible dependents or domestic partners.

Flexible Benefit Plan (FSA)

AUNE employees may elect to set aside pre-tax dollars using the Flexible Benefit Plan for three purposes to pay for (1) dependent care expenses; or (2) healthcare expenses.

Dental Plan

Eligible AUNE employees may elect to participate in the dental plan at their own expense. Here is information about the dental plan overall, basic plan coverage, and coverage provided through the supplemental plan (see Supplemental Plan described elsewhere).

Vision Plan

Vision plan benefits are included with the both medical insurance plan or in the Supplemental Group Plan. Here is summary information about the vision plan.

Short and Long-Term Disability Sick Leave

In addition to sick leave, AUNE provides disability sick leave in case of extended illnesses, replacing income for 3 months if employed under two years and 6 months if employed two years or more. Employees may elect additional long-term disability coverage. The premium cost is shared 50/50 by Antioch.

Retirement Benefits

Recognizing the contributions of long-term employees, AUNE extends certain benefits to those who retire at age 55 or older, having completed at least ten years of continuous employment as a benefit-eligible employee. Retirees and their spouses are eligible for supplemental health plan consulting services and the retiree is eligible for a $2,000 life insurance policy. Other possible benefits include:

  • Library access
  • Invitation to annual employee events
  • Faculty Emeritus status (with Board approval)
  • Special student course participation

Employees who are considering retirement should contact the Director of the Human Resources Office to determine eligibility for benefits.

Retirement Annuity Plan

Antioch University also provides an annuity plan through TIAA-CREF for eligible employees. The University contributes from 6% to 13% of salary to employee accounts with immediate vesting and no employee contribution required. Eligibility for this contribution is in part based on working 1000+ hours in a calendar year. Contribution rates are based on employee classification:

  • Staff members receive 6% of actual salary
  • Administrative associates receive 10% if age 29 or older, and 6% if under age 29
  • Faculty and administrators receive 13% if age 29 or older, and 6% if under age 29

All employees without exception and including adjunct faculty are eligible to purchase a supplemental retirement annuity through TIAA-CREF, and contribute to it through payroll deductions provide they meet the minimum annual contribution rate.

Personal Accident Insurance

AUNE offers employees a voluntary 24 hour accident protection plan. Coverage is available for employees and family members. A brochure is available upon request from the HR office.

Vacation Time Off with Pay

All eligible, fulltime employees (except faculty) a re entitled to vacation time based on years of service and prorated to reflect their appointed work schedule. See the university’s Vacation policy (4.433) for more information about eligibility, accrual, usage, carryover, and coordination with other leave policies. Faculty members are on release time in accord with the appointment letter and work plan.

Sick Leave

The university offers several income replacement plans, including paid sick days to all eligible, fulltime employees. See the university’s Paid Sick Days policy (4.415) for more information about eligibility, accrual, usage, carryover, and coordination with other leave policies.


The AUNE benefits package includes generous holiday time off, including the week between Christmas and New Years. See the Current Holiday Schedule for this year’s holiday calendar.

Direct Deposit and other conveniences

AUNE can direct deposit an employee’s payroll check to a bank, savings and loan or credit union, to multiple accounts or to multiple banking institutions. Online access to personal account information is available through myAntioch.

*The above information is intended for informational purposes only and does not guarantee benefits. Benefits become effective upon receipt of the completed enrollment forms within the eligibility periods as defined by each benefit plan document. Benefits are subject to change without notice.

Other Employment Opportunities

Day of Service Program

AUNE established this program in 2010 to reflect a collective, defining characteristic of Antioch employees: the willingness to routinely engage in the full spectrum of community with drive and generosity, caring and expertise, and vision and commitment. Employees are permitted to use one workday each academic year to engage in a service activity, and are encouraged to participate in groups and on organized days of service work schedule allowing, or to participate in community service activities on an individual basis. For more on program guidelines and the approval form, tap here.

Phased Retirement Program

This program is offered for purposes of supporting an orderly transition to retirement through half-time service. Staff members nearing retirement with at least 10 years of service are eligible to apply along the guidelines described for the faculty program or the administrative staff program.

The opportunity to apply for administrative renewal and sabbatical leave is available to exempt, administrative staff members who have worked for the University a minimum of seven years.

Tuition Remission

Employees (including spouses, dependents and domestic partners) are eligible for tuition remission at AUNE after one year of employment. The value of graduate tuition remission above $5,250 per year is considered a taxable fringe benefit and is included in your taxable income. The availability of this benefit is limited based on budget and is granted based on a priority system.

Tuition Exchange

Antioch participates in the Tuition Exchange providing full-time employees with the opportunity to access a reciprocal scholarship exchange program amongst roughly 530 colleges and universities.