Great Brook School Wetlands Curriculum

Wetlands, Project Ideas and Curriculum Connections

Newts are swimming in and out of reeds
And I smell evergreen in the breeze
Turtle paths where they have been
Underwater I see that newts like to swim
Reeds are swaying back and forth
Emerging from the woods I see a rabbit that’s dwarf
Justin Bernardi

This project guide is intended as a resource for Great Brook School (GBS) teachers. The wetlands, creek, and woods behind the school are valuable sources of learning for GBS students. This learning may take many forms.

The ideas in this guide focus on project-based learning. Studies have shown that learning through hands-on problem-solving and projects engages students with a variety of learning styles.

Several classes have been using the wetland at GBS as an outdoor classroom, and some existing projects are documented in this guide. In addition, suggestions for other projects and extensions throughout curriculum are included. Connections to ConVal curriculum frameworks are also listed with projects at each grade level.

Wetlands and streams are essential parts of watershed systems. From basic understanding about one wetland area, students can transger knowledge to other aquatic environments and ecosystems. That understanding can be fostered through data collection and sharing among classes. Students can design a databank on the school website and enter wetlands information throughout the year, creating a school-wide resource and forum for sharing discoveries with the GBS community.

Download the curriculum below to get sample project ideas and the curriculum frameworks they fit into.


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