Work Study/Graduate Assistantship Job Openings

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Below is a list of positions on campus which are open to matriculated Antioch University New England students with 2015-16 estimated work study graduate assistantship awards. The information about each position is brief for the sake of this list. More information about each job can be obtained directly from the department/office which has the opening.

Students should apply directly to the office or department with the opening. Some supervisors may request resumés and most will request an in-person interview. Students should use their application for work study and/or a resume to apply. Once an office or department has agreed to hire, please follow the directions in the packet received with the estimated work study award. Students should not begin a job until all paperwork described in the packet is complete and approved by the Financial Aid Office.

Department Job Title Hours / Week Supervisor
Admissions Student Assistant/Spring 10-15 Laura Andrews
Alumni & Development Student Assistant 15 Faith Wilder
Applied Psychology Student Assistant 15 Kevin Lyness
Applied Psychology Research Assistant 4 -10 Shelley Viles
Applied Psychology RA - KMP 8 Susan Loman
Applied Psychology weekend prog student asst. see weekends listed Shelley Viles
Applied Psychology Student Assistant 10-15 Liz white
Applied Psychology Assistant to the Director of Practica & Internships 10-15 Melissa Chickering
Applied Psychology Research Assistant / AP Grant Work 15 Janet Robertson
Applied Psychology Student Assistant / Autism & Asperger's Expo 4 Shelley Viles
Applied Psychology RA / CMHC Re-Accreditation 10 Barb Andrews
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant / Human Diversity & the Clinical Enterprise 10 Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / MCC & SERD 4 Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky, EdD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / BHI 8 George Tremblay
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant 8 Martha B. Straus, PhD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Borden - editorial review 4 Kathi Borden, PhD
Clinical Psychology Student Assistant 10-20 Catherine Peterson
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant / Research Methods and Statistics 4 George Tremblay
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Literature Searches 8 James Fauth
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Vision 2020 8 James Fauth PhD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Education and Training in Prof. Psych 8 Roger Peterson, PhD
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant/Methods of Psy Assessment I & II - Eagan 8 Porter Eagan
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant / Methods of Psychological Assessment II 8 Vincent Pignatiello
Clinical Psychology Advanced Research Asst - BHI 8 George Tremblay
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant/Integrative Psychotherapy 8 Megan Edwards
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / BHI 8 George Tremblay
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / BHI: Youth & Families 8 James Fauth, PhD.
Clinical Psychology Advanced Research Assistant / Vision 2020 8 James Fauth PhD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant 4 Lorraine Mangione
Clinical Psychology TA - Psychopathology & Behavioral Disorders 8 Susan Hawes
Clinical Psychology TA / Public Policy 3 David Hamolsky
Education Reading / Literacy Tutor 1+ Sarah Wilson
Education Student Assistant/ED Dept 2-4 Sarah Wilson
Environmental Studies CTEC - Outreach Coordinator 10-20 Beth Kaplin
Environmental Studies MERE Summit Steward 15 Peter Palmiotto
Environmental Studies Community Gardens Connections Co-Coordinator 10-15 Libby McCann
Environmental Studies Environmental ED Program/Outreach Coordinator 5-10 Libby McCann
Environmental Studies Educators' Summit Coordinator 10-15 Sue Gentile
Environmental Studies Teaching Assistant / GIS 7 Farshad Farashahi
Environmental Studies Westmoreland Garden Manager 10-15 Libby McCann
Environmental Studies Student Assistant 11 Sue Weller
Environmental Studies Student Assistant / CCPCR 10-15 Abi Abrash Walton
Marketing Student Assistant / Marketing up to 20 Heather Atwell
Other MERE Project Assistant 15 Peter Palmiotto
Other Peer Writing Tutor 10 Anne Maxham
Other Education Project Assistant/Horatio Colony 10-15 Paul Bocko
Other Preserve Project Assistant 10-15 Paul Bocko
Psychological Svs. Center Student Assistant/PSC 5+ Joy Guerriero
Sustainability Committee Compost Coordinator 15 Pat Hitchner
Sustainability Committee Transportation Coordinator 15 Melinda Treadwell
VP for Academic Affairs Student Assistant / Commencement 10 Pat Hitchner
Whole Terrain Whole Terrain Marketing Associate 10-15 Rowland Russell
Writing Center Peer Consultant 10 John Dunham