Federal Work Study Job Openings

Add/Activate/Deactivate a Job

Below is a list of positions on campus which are open to matriculated Antioch University New England students with 2013-14 estimated work study awards. The information about each position is brief for the sake of this list. More information about each job can be obtained directly from the department/office which has the opening.

Students should apply directly to the office or department with the opening. Some supervisors may request resumés and most will request an in-person interview. Students should use their application for work study and/or a resume to apply. Once an office or department has agreed to hire, please follow the directions in the packet received with the estimated work study award. Students should not begin a job until all paperwork described in the packet is complete and approved by the Financial Aid Office.

Department Job Title Hours / Week Supervisor
Clinical Psychology Teaching Assistant / Roysircar-Sodowsky - Human Diversity 4 Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky, EdD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Hawes 4 Susan Hawes
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Borden - editorial review 4 Kathi Borden, PhD
Clinical Psychology Research Assistant / Tremblay 8 George Tremblay, PhD
Continuing Education & Community Outreach Nature Preserve Assistant 10-15 Paul Bocko
Environmental Studies Summit Steward 15 Peter Palmiotto
Environmental Studies Education Coordinator - CTEC 10-15 Beth Kaplin
Environmental Studies proj asst - data management - MERE 15 Peter Palmiotto
Environmental Studies RA - ES PhD & RMC programs 10-16 Jim Gruber
Management Student Asst - prog development 5 Taryn Fisher
Marketing Project Asst - Online Marketing 10-15 David Weisberg
Whole Terrain Whole Terrain Special Projects Assistant 15-20 Rowland Russell