Frequently Asked Questions: Student Accounts

When is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline for each semester is noted in the Academic Calendar.

Can I register if I have an outstanding balance?
No. Once payment for an outstanding balance is made however, the account will be cleared for registration access. Check My Holds in myAntioch to see if your account is on financial hold.
Am I expected to pay when I register?

Yes, full payment is expected at the time of registration unless a financing option that covers all costs has been arranged. FINANCIAL AID RECIPIENTS: If financial aid is the financing option, be sure to check for a current award letter in myAntioch that covers all costs. Financial aid recipients should only pay the balance not covered by the net aid award.

Will I receive an individualized tuition bill as a financial guide for registration?

No. Course selection instructions are posted by the Department. Students may see how many credits they’re expected to register for in that term.

How will I know what my tuition and fee costs are?

All tuition and fee rates are posted online. Upon submission of a registration, tuition and fee costs will be billed to your account. This information is available on myAntioch by clicking on View Account and Make Payments.

What if financial aid is my financing option?

If financial aid is the financing option, be sure to check for a current financial aid award letter in myAntioch AND make sure that the award amount is sufficient to cover registration costs. NOTE: Certain awards are not counted as part of the financing option. The Financial Aid Office staff or Student Accounts Office staff can assist you with questions regarding this.

Is there a payment plan available?

Tuition Management Systems (TMS) provides the option to make monthly payments. The plan provides for the total semester costs to be spread over three months for a summer semester or four months for either a fall or spring semester. There is a per-semester enrollment fee payable to TMS for this financing option.

What if I don't pay my balance not covered by a financing option when I register?

The Student Accounts office will send an email reminder about the deadline for payment – to avoid any applicable late fees – of any outstanding registration costs not covered by a financing option.

What if I don't register by the registration deadline?
  • for continuing students, late fees ($100 registration / $100 payment)will be charged;
  • financial hold will be applied;
  • registration access will not be permitted;
  • financing will have to be completed with the Student Accounts Office.
What if I don't register until after the semester starts?
For continuing students, all registrations submitted after the semester starts will incur a late registration fee of $100 and possibly a late payment fee of $100.
How can I pay my outstanding balance?
Payment of outstanding balances can be made online in myAntioch/View Account and Make Payments or with the Student Accounts Office. Cash, checks, echecks and all major credit cards are accepted. In some cases student loans can be increased or other options can be suggested by the Financial Aid Office.
I'm expecting a refund after my tuition / fee costs are paid. When can I expect to receive it?
  • Refunds of excess aid are processed after the end of the drop period for the semester, as noted in the Academic Calendar.

Students may view their account in myAntioch/View Accounts and Make Payments to see if a refund is available or has been processed. Refunds are processed weekly by the University in Ohio. Students enrolled in Direct Deposit will receive notice when a refund has been processed. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to the address on file.

Can my refund be direct-deposited into my bank account?

Yes. Log in to myAntioch and under Financial Information, click Non-Payroll Direct Deposit. Then collect your bank account information (nine-digit routing number and your checking or savings account number. Contact your bank if you do not know what numbers to use). Enter your banking information and read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Direct deposit is for delivery only to U.S. banks at this time.

What if I need to drop a course after the drop period?
Courses cannot be dropped for a tuition refund after the drop period has ended. Students retain full financial liability for all courses after that date.
What if I need to add a course after the drop period?

Courses can be added up to one week before the course starts. Added courses mean added tuition charges, and payment for those added charges are expected at the time of registration.

Does Antioch provide health insurance?
Antioch as an institution does not provide health insurance for students.