Billing Procedures

Assessment of Tuition and Fees

For students enrolled in master’s programs, tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis for each degree or certificate program. Dependent upon the program, tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis or is assessed by semester. Each program has a minimum number of required semesters. Students pay tuition plus applicable fees each semester they are enrolled. Please refer to tuition and fees for the minimum number of semesters in each program. Total degree program costs will vary depending on the length of time spent in a program and whether the program requires a Master’s Project, Master’s Thesis or Dissertation.

Tuition is due at registration and does not include the cost of field study fees.

Please Note: Tuition and fee charges are subject to change each academic year, effective with the summer semester.

Tuition Billing and Payment Information

Students are expected to be enrolled full time and follow the course curriculum outlined in their programs. Tuition and fees are based based both on the program and on the number of credits a student registers for. Once the registration has been submitted in myAntioch, the student should proceed to the Pay On My Account section and make the necessary payment.

Financial aid recipients should only pay the balance not covered by the net aid award. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts if you have questions.

Acceptable financing options of outstanding balances are:

In most cases, tuition reimbursement from employers is not an acceptable financing option. If you have specific questions about employer-paid tuition benefits, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

Registering for classes obligates the student for payment of applicable tuition, fees, and other charges. Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from Antioch or exemption from tuition payment.

A student is considered to be enrolled for the semester as of the first day of the semester as defined by the academic calendar rather than on the first scheduled class meeting day.