Environmental Studies Department – Program Tuition and Fees

Summer 2016 through Spring 2017

Department/Program Name Tuition Cost per Credit Total Program
Total Program Cost
Resource Management and Conservation, MS $949 30 $31,490
Environmental Studies, MS $949 42 $43,625
Environmental Studies, PhD $1,270 69 $96,690
Environmental Studies, Certificate $665 9 $8,250

Program credit loads can vary by semester dependent upon point of entry. Additional costs may be incurred for course fees, Master’s Project, Master’s Thesis, Dissertation, Doctoral Internship, all dependent upon program.

Questions regarding tuition / fees should be directed to the Student Accounts Office (studentaccounts.ane@antioch.edu or 603-283-2490).

 Questions regarding admissions and program information should be directed to the Admissions Office (admissions.ane@antioch.edu or 800-552-8380).

Questions regarding loan eligibility and available scholarships and grants should be directed to the Financial Aid Office (financialaid.ane@antioch.edu or 603-283-2490).