Complete List of Fees

Fee Listing (Master’s & Doctoral)  2015-2016


Other fees and deposits listed below may be charged as needed and are described in the Student Handbook
Advanced Standing – Life Experience Credits
     Application Fee (non-refundable) $125
     Fee per credit awarded $100
Advanced Standing – Transfer Credits
     Application Fee (non-refundable) $75
Alternative Admission Application Fee (non-refundable) $75
Alternative Admission Review and Advising Fee $150
Application Fee (non-refundable)
     Master’s Program $50
     Doctoral Program $75
Audit Per Credit Rate $330
Candidacy Continuation Fee (per semester ES PhD students only) $2,000
Comprehensive Fee (per semester – all students) $550
Deferred Entry Fee (non-refundable and credited towards tuition) $300
Dissertation Advising Fee (per semester Doctoral V+) $2,000
Field Study Course Fee **
Hold-place Tuition Deposit at time of acceptance (non-refundable / credited towards tuition)
     Master’s Program $150
     Doctoral Program $200
Intention to Enroll Fee (non-refundable and credited towards tuition) $500
Internship Fee (per semester Doctoral students V+) $500
Laboratory Fee (per semester – ES students only) $75
Late Registration Fee / Continuing Students (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) $100
Late Tuition Payment Fee / Continuing Students (see Academic Calendar for specific dates) $100
Leave of Absence Fee (per semester) $200
Liability Insurance (per semester – Psychology students only) $75
Master’s Project / Thesis Continuation Fee
    Summer $700
    Fall or Spring $800
Materials Fee **
Non-Matriculated Enrollment – Audit Status: Per Credit Fee $330
Non-Matriculated Enrollment – Credit Status / Master’s Programs: Per Credit Fee $512
Non-Matriculated Enrollment – Alumni Per Credit Fee 50% of current rate
Non-Matriculated Enrollment – Credit Status / Doctoral Programs: Per Credit Fee $639
Official Transcript $10
Non-credit Workshop Fee (per semester – Waldorf Students only) $125
Per Credit Fee (Experienced Educator Programs / Waldorf Experienced Advanced Track program) $665
Per Credit Fee (Certificate programs) $665
Per Credit Fee (Management Masters level program) $903
Per Credit Fee (all other Masters level programs) $949
Per Credit Fee (ES PhD) $1,270
Per Credit Fee (PsyD and PhD V+ additional credits) $1,270
Practicum / Internship Continuation Fee (per semester) $500
Practicum Fee (Psy D V+) $700
Readmission Fee
    Master’s Program $200
    Doctoral Program $300
Returned Check Fee $18
Student Activity Fee (per semester) $5
Technology Fee (per semester) $125

**Course and material fees are noted in class descriptions on myAntioch and are non-refundable after the drop period.

Rates are subject to change annually effective summer term