Monadnock Farm and Community Connection

Farms enrich our lives in many ways:

Orchards in bloom during May, long views of pastures dotted with cows, fresh eggs, milk and meat, picking berries with children, the first ripe tomatoes of July, the bounty of the Farmer’s Market, and the warmth of dishes shared with friends.

Farms are valuable and provide the food that shapes our culture. The Monadnock Farm and Community Connection is striving to strengthen our community’s relationship with local agriculture.

The Monadnock Farm and Community Connection is a program of the Cheshire County Conservation District (CCCD) designed to increase public knowledge about the value of local agriculture while supporting the farmers of the region. The Conservation District recognizes that our local environment and economy can greatly benefit from a thriving agricultural community. The future prosperity of our region relies on the health of our natural resources and the stewardship of those resources that farmers provide.

The CCCD is committed to our working landscape. We aim to provide the technical services and facilitate the community support that will assist the Monadnock Region in rebuilding the human network and infrastructure needed to ensure a healthy community rooted in agriculture.

To become involved with the Monadnock Farm and Community Connection please contact District Manager Amanda Costello at 756-2988 ext.116 or