Facilities Services

For assistance with facility, security, room setup or safety issues, please contact someone from the list below or submit a Work Request or Room Setup Form. All custodians have keys to the campus buildings and one will carry a cell phone when working.

In an emergency, dial 9-9-1-1

Doc Whicker, Director of Facility Services, Safety and Security
283-2391 (work)
585-6706 (home)
603-209-1659 (cell)

Custodian Cell Phone (8am-midnight)

Joe James, Custodian 2nd shift
762-5402 (cell)

Ben Hobbs, Custodian 2nd shift
239-4833 (home)

Michael Johnson, Custodian 3rd shift
978-297-2061 (home)

Tom Courtnay, Custodian 3rd shift
352-0192 (home)