Environmental Studies Master’s Theses and Projects

Conducting a Master’s research thesis or a project as your capstone requirement is a wonderful opportunity to seek knowledge about a topic in which you have a strong interest.  The thesis or project allows you to develop your passion for a topic by exploring it in greater depth than course work or internships allow.  Writing a thesis or project is a tremendously rewarding experience that tests a student’s competencies in formulating a question, conducting research, and effectively telling a meaningful ecological or conservation story.

The disciplined study and careful analysis required for completing a successful thesis or project will help you develop invaluable skills for analyzing complex problems.  These skills are increasingly necessary at a time when science unfolds very quickly and when we have the conceptual and technological tools to uncover the complexity of scientific and ecological problems.  The thesis or project experience will prepare you well for your professional career.

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The Way To Know The Bobolink
Michael Metivier (2010)

Prospect Hill Stewardship Plan
Serech, Derek (2009)

Dexter, Timothy (2009)

Wolves in Maine :a computer model
Struhsacker, Margaret L. (2001)

Mill River iron study
Adams, Brian (1996)

Wind energy generation :a model
Glorie, Jos C. (1996)

Watershed protection approach for Lake Hancock
Measeck Emley, Michelle (1995)

Butter Island master plan
Cabot, Robert (1994)

Journey toward a lesbian feminist ecology
Estelle, Amy Darden (1990)

City of Westfield open space plan
Boyer, David Alan (1990)

Wood pallet recycling
King, Jennifer M. (1988)

The New Hampshire Herp project
Choate, Richard (1988)

Restoration of Parsons Creek, Rye, NH
Simpson, Michael H. (1985)

The Minnewawa Dam :a case study
Flanagan, Timothy J. (1983)