Waste Action Collaborative of Sullivan County, NH

Developing and Implementing a Recycling-Based, Integrated, Waste-Management Plan

Faculty Member: James Gruber

Waste Action Collaborative of Sullivan County, NH

This faculty-student research project was funded under a grant from United Stated Department of Agriculture to develop and implement a recycling-based, integrated, solid-waste management program for towns located in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. Under the grant, the lead partner, Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission was contracting with Antioch’s ANEI to develop a long-term, recycling-based, integrated, waste-management program. The recycling-based, integrated, waste-management plan will emphasize reducing the volume and toxicity of waste through recycling, waste reduction, reuse, composting, proper management of household, hazardous waste and residuals. The research includes public policy development through application of ecological economics.

Student Theory & Skills Applied:

  • Integrated Waste Management Planning
  • Environmental Public Policy Development
  • Planning and Facilitating Community Participatory Problem Solving Forums
  • Assessing Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Universal and Household Hazardous Waste Management Strategies
  • Human and Infrastructure Capacity Building

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