ES PhD: Ecology and Conservation Biology

The study of ecology and conservation biology necessarily integrates the principles of ecology with an understanding of the sociopolitical and economic landscapes in which threats to biodiversity occur. We employ both quantitative and qualitative approaches to focus on multidimensional conservation issues that incorporate facets of environmental education, environmental decision-making processes, resource management, and land use planning with the ecology of species, communities, ecosystems, and landscapes. Our faculty and students have worked in such diverse places as New England, the Western US, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central America, East Africa, Madagascar, Malaysia, Laos, and Indonesia.

The key interests of students and faculty:

  • Capacity building in conservation and education
  • Community-based conservation and resource management
  • Conservation design
  • Conservation psychology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Indigenous knowledge systems
  • Land use policy and conservation of biological diversity
  • Natural resource management
  • Physical and biogeography
  • Primate ecology and conservation
  • Protected areas management
  • Resilience and complex systems
  • Restoration ecology
  • Soil science and best land use practices
  • Theoretical and applied ecology
  • Theory and practice of conservation biology
  • Tropical ecology and conservation

Faculty with interests in this domain: