Food Justice and Sustainable Agriculture at AUNE

veggiesIf you want to make a difference in the world of food justice and sustainable agriculture, Antioch University New England (AUNE) offers the hands-on/minds-on, real world experiences to get you there.

It’s no surprise that students and faculty in the Department of Environmental Studies are deeply committed and involved in food justice and sustainable community agriculture, given AUNE’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and social justice. AUNE is a dynamic, innovative institution offering scholarly, practice-oriented graduate study focused on socially engaged citizenship and experiential learning. For more than a decade, many AUNE faculty and students have been involved with food and agriculture work in the Monadnock Region through partnerships with organizations such as the Cheshire County Conservation District, Monadnock Farm and Community Connection, The Keene Community Kitchen, and Monadnock Localvore Project, among others.

“It really is amazing what a positive impact Antioch has had on our food system in the Monadnock Region.”  Lorraine Merrill, NH Commissioner of Agriculture, Markets & Food, 2015

Here are some of the campus and community initiatives, student research topics, related courses, and faculty publications that relate to food security. Click on the links to learn more:

Fair Food AUNE Campus & Community-Based Initiatives

The AUNE Garden

Community Garden Connections (CGC) and Maplewood Demonstration Garden

C&S Wholesale Grocers Workplace Organic Gardens Initiative

Examples of Student Work

seedlings•242Food. Agricultural sustainability doctoral research project and blog about the Bahamian food system. (Hilary Booker, ES doctoral student. Advisor: Libby McCann)

•Food System Sustainability in the Monadnock Region What Role Could Antioch University New England Play? (Master’s project completed 2010, Meg Fairchild, MS ’09, Environmental Education graduate. Project advisor: Libby McCann.)

•Graduate Certificate Program Proposal: Food Security, Food Policy, Agriculture and the Environment, (Master’s project completed December 10, 2009. Samantha Langlois, MS ’10, conservation biology. Project advisor: Libby McCann)

Community Garden Connections Workshop Series and Educational Materials. (Master’s project completed September 2012, Libby Weiland, MS ’12. Project advisor: Libby McCann)

•Gardening: Cultivating an Enduring Relationship with Nature, Doctoral Dissertation, (Carl Salsedo, PhD ’07)

•Building Resilient Communities through Food Systems Education in Local Cafés, Master’s Project, (Maisie Rinne Tyler, master’s student. Advisor: Libby McCann).

Examples of some organizations where students work after they graduate: veggies
University of Maine Cooperative Extension ( as Food Systems/Youth Development Professional

Community Work

  • Healthy Monadnock
  • Monadnock Farm & Community Connection
  • City of Keene’s Cities for Climate Protection Committee

Agriculture- and Food-Related Courses at AUNE




Many of our faculty  are involved in food justice and sustainable agriculture. Check out their web pages for current publications and projects.

Libby McCann
Alesia Maltz
Jean Kayira