Environmental Studies Faculty and Staff

The following is an index of faculty and staff of the Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England. For more information, email addresses, and phone extensions, click on the name of a faculty member.

Listen to Mitch Thomashow, founder of the Department of Environmental Studies’ PhD Program, talk about what’s inspiring about the Environmental Studies Programs.

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Core Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Ackerman, Joy Core Faculty, Director of Self-Designed Studies Concentration
jackerman@antioch.edu 603-283-2345
Gruber, James Chair Environmental Studie Dept., Director Environmental Studies PhD Program, Core Faculty
jgruber@antioch.edu 603-283-2120
Jordan, James Core Faculty, Director of Field Studies Program
jjordan@antioch.edu 603-283-2339
Kaplin, Beth Core Faculty and Director of Conservation Biology Concentration
Program Director
bkaplin@antioch.edu 603-283-2328
Karlan, Jimmy Core Faculty, Director of the Science Teacher Certification Concentration
jkarlan@antioch.edu 603-283-2341
Kayira, Jean Associate Director Environmental Studies PhD Program, Core Faculty
jkayira@antioch.edu 603-283-2334
Maltz, Alesia Program Director MA Interdisciplinary Studies, Core Faculty
amaltz@antioch.edu 603-283-2342
McCann, Elizabeth Core Faculty and Director of Environmental Education Concentration
emccann@antioch.edu 603-283-2332
Palmiotto, Peter Environmental Studies Program Director, Core Faculty
ppalmiotto@antioch.edu 603-283-2338
Simpson, Michael Program Director, M.S. Resource Management and Conservation, Concentration Director of Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and Core Faculty
Director for the Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience
msimpson@antioch.edu 603-283-2331
Thiet, Rachel Director of Conservation Biology, Core Faculty
rthiet@antioch.edu 603-283-2337
Willey, Lisabeth Core Faculty
lwilley@antioch.edu 603-283-2347

Affiliate Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Chase, David Affiliate Faculty
dchase@antioch.edu 603-283-2417

Research Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Lasher, Connie Visiting Research Scholar
Pinel, Sandra Research Scholar
Saunders, Carol Visiting Research Scholar
csaunders@antioch.edu 603-283-2352

Faculty Emeritus

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Minton, Ty Faculty Emeritus
Wessels, Thomas Faculty Emeritus


Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Abrash Walton, Abigail Teaching Faculty, Environmental Studies Department, and Director of the Center for Academic Innovation
aabrash@antioch.edu 603-283-2344
Bockus, Sarah Internship Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty
sbockus@antioch.edu 603-283-2326
Crockett, John Lab and Herbarium Coordinator
jcrockett@antioch.edu 603-283-2330
Janvier, Amy Administrative Assistant
ajanvier@antioch.edu​​ 603-283-2329
Weller, Susan Director of Administration
Adjunct Faculty
sweller@antioch.edu 603-283-2340

Adjunct Faculty

Name Primary Job Title Email Phone
Bocko, Paul Project Director, Horatio Colony Project
Adjunct Faculty
pbocko@antioch.edu 603-283-2115
Cooke, Peter Adjunct Faculty
Cranston, Kayla Adjunct Faculty
Daniels, Christa Adjunct Faculty
Engel, Peter Adjunct Faculty
Farashahi, Farshad Adjunct Faculty
Gentile, Susan Adjunct Faculty
Gutsell, Reeve Adjunct Faculty
Hensler, John Adjunct Faculty
Kane, Chris Adjunct Faculty
Leoniak, George Adjunct Faculty
Littleton, Jeffry Adjunct Faculty
Loevy-Reyes, Mark Adjunct Faculty
Rhomberg, Eric Adjunct Faculty
Russell, Rowland Adjunct Faculty
rrussell@antioch.edu 603-283-2377
Ruzow Holland, Ann Adjunct Faculty
Sanford, Jessica Adjunct Faculty
Schusler, Tania Adjunct Faculty, ES PhD Program
Spear-O'Mara, Jennifer Adjunct Faculty
Spikol, Susanna Adjunct Faculty
Sullivan, Virginia
Webler, Thomas Adjunct Faculty, ES PhD Program
twebler@antioch.edu 603-283-2329
York, Jamie Adjunct Faculty