EE Careers: Not Just for School Classrooms Anymore

“Environmental education leaves the professional world wide open to a variety of compelling, interesting, and relevant possibilities. This field allows me to pursue any profession I could imagine within the realm of the environment, science, and education.” — Stacey Rashti (’08), Environmental Educator for the City of Norfolk, Virginia with the Keep Norfolk Beautiful Program

Environmental EducatorsAt one point in time jobs for environmental educators existed mainly on K-12 school campuses, but not anymore. Since the mid-nineties opportunities for environmental educators have expanded at an astonishing rate to include a variety of organizations that educate the public, set policy, or support a cause.

A quick survey of what our EE alumni are up to now reveals the seemingly endless workplace possibilities that are open to environmental educators including positions as sustainability coordinators that are among the hottest new professional roles opening up as AUNE Alumna, Erica Fuller discovered when she landed her job at Skidmore College.

Tiffany Keune (’06) also went on to become a sustainability coordinator and works at Community College of Vermont:

“My experiences at Antioch gave me the insight and education I have needed to successfully weave sustainability into my daily life. I could not have been better prepared to find and deepen the sustainability ties that exist in my community.” — Tiffany Keune (’06), Sustainability Coordinator for The Community College of Vermont