Yarrow D. Wolfe

BS, Biology, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH

Yarrow WolfePast field experiences:

Rare and endangered plant monitoring and Vascular and non-vascular plant surveys, Pacific northwest; horticultural research (Plant tissue culture, emasculation and pollination), Chicago Botanic Garden; pilot study characterizing habitat of the Ram’s Head Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium arietinum), Carney, Michigan

Thesis Research:

Conservation Study of a Northern Michigan Fen: A primer for wetland preservation

This project will quantitatively and qualitatively assess plant communities within the Carney Fen Wetland Complex, a proposed Natural Area. Specifically research will target locations of the ram’s head lady’s slipper (Cypripedium arietinum), listed as rare or uncommon in the state of Michigan, to provide knowledge of their habitat, where they are located, and what their role is within the fen ecosystem. The objective is to collect information that will assist foresters in making informed management decisions while protecting the wetland habitat. The project involves working cooperatively with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MI DNR) and with local citizens to create long-term conservation efforts deepening local appreciation for natural areas, and in particular wetlands.